How to cancel a Spotify subscription?

Want to cancel your Spotify subscription? As always, it’s a little more complex than when registering. We give you here the procedure to follow to unsubscribe and stop paying.

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How to terminate Spotify // Source: Frandroid

There are many reasons why you might want to cancel your Spotify subscription. Whether it is to switch to the competition, because you have decided to return to the old world with music to download on a case-by-case basis or simply to save the price of the subscription. Whatever the subscribed offer (Family, Student, Duo, Personal), the method is the same.

How to cancel a Spotify subscription?

Spotify offers its offers through several channels. You can subscribe through a telephone operator, through the Apple store or directly from Spotify. Here are the different ways to unsubscribe.

How to cancel a Spotify subscription from your Internet browser?

To begin, launch your Internet browser, then:

  • Enter or go to your account from the Spotify homepage.
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  • On the page Account overviewlocate the button Cancel Premium at the end of the page.

Your Premium account will be active until the next billing date before switching to free mode.

You have just tested this procedure, but you cannot find the line Cancel Premium? You must therefore go through a third party for billing such as a telephone or Internet operator. If the subscription is in a bundle, you won’t be able to do much. If you have Spotify Premium by paying an option to your telephone company, then you must contact them via the website or support.

There remains the case of a subscription taken out via Apple…

How to cancel Spotify subscription from iOS device?

From your iPad, iPhone or even Apple TV, it is very easy to cancel a Spotify subscription. The latter is in the list of your subscriptions taken out through Apple. We simply refer you to our article explaining how to cancel a subscription via the App Store. You just have to choose Spotify.

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