how to change the orientation of a single page to landscape?

By default, all Word pages are in portrait orientation and it is easy to change the orientation to landscape mode. Only, the basic modification applies to the whole document. If you want to put a single page in Landscape, the handling is a little less obvious, but just as simple. We’ll show you how.

Put a single Word page in Landscape

Want to insert a table or chart into a Word document? It is often difficult to make them fit on a single page, unless change its orientation to Landscape. If you have already tried to put a page in Landscape from the pane Layout, you probably know that the change applies to the entire document. But it is quite possible to impose the new orientation on a single page.

How to put a single page in landscape mode in Word?

Whether you use Officie 365, Word 2021, 2019 or a slightly older version, the maneuver to put a single page in landscape mode is the same. But before showing you how, let’s see how to change the orientation of an entire document.

Put an entire Word document in Landscape
  1. In the toolbar at the top, go to the tab Layout
  2. Second from the left, click Orientation
  3. Choose Landscape mode

As you can see, all pages in your Word document take the same orientation. This layout is not very conventional and is more necessary in exceptional cases such as when you insert a graph or a table.

Put a single page in landscape mode

This is the easiest and fastest way to put a single page into landscape mode in Word.

Change Orientation of a Single Word Page to Landscape
  1. Drag the mouse cursor to select part or all of the page you want to landscape
  2. Go into Layout > Margins. At the bottom, click Custom margins.
  3. A small window opens. Select Countryside in the section Orientation.
  4. At the bottom, pull down the drop-down menu from Apply to: choose the option To the selected text.
  5. Click on okay to validate. The page containing the selected text will stand alone in landscape mode.

That’s it, it’s very simple. Be aware that there is a second method which consists of inserting a page break. But it is a little more complicated and is done in two phases. In addition, this manipulation restarts the numbering of the document from the page set to Landscape. This is not very convenient unless you have an unnumbered document.

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