How to clear history on Safari?

Safari, like all internet browsers, automatically saves the list of websites you have visited. You can clear history on Safari at any time and here we explain how to do it.

Delete your history on Safari // Source: Frandroid

To stay in control of your privacy, you may want to clear your internet history on Safari. The latter records the pages consulted and generates a list of the most frequently visited sites for you. To eliminate all its operations, follow this quick tutorial.

How to clear history on Safari?

First of all, launch Safari.

How to Clear History on Safari 01

  • Then click on Historical in the Safari menu.
  • Select line Clear history in the context menu.

How to Clear History on Safari 02

  • A window opens and allows you to choose the period of your history that you want to erase.

When you perform this operation, you therefore erase the history of your web pages and to this is added the list of often visited sites, recent searches and downloads (not files), as well as sites which have requested to use your GPS position or to send you notifications.

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