Comment configurer écran de veille sur Windows 10

how to configure a screensaver

When you return to your computer after a moment of inactivity, it is always pleasant to have a nice animated screensaver in front of you. And this feature is obviously still relevant on Windows 10. Here is how to configure a screensaver.

How to configure screensaver on Windows 10

Although it is not necessary on modern screens to have a screensaver, setting one up can always be fun. In particular, it offers users images that are pleasant to watch after several minutes of inactivity on their computers. On Windows 10, it is obviously always possible to configure one. But the path has evolved a lot compared to older versions of the OS. To the point of confusing some users. In this guide we will explain to you how to set up a screensaver quickly on Windows 10.

How to configure the screen saver in Windows 10

By default, no screensaver is configured in Windows 10. It is not impossible that you have spent several months (or even several years) not feeling the need. Until today. Here is how to configure one.

  • Go to Settings (Windows key + I)> Personalization.
  • In the left column, click Lock Screen.

How to set up screen saver on Windows 10

  • Scroll down to the bottom then go to the section Screen saver settings.


  • A dialog box opens. Click on the drop-down menu below the Screen Saver section.


  • By default, you have the choice between six types of screensaver : Line ballets, Bubbles, Photos, Ribbons, 3D text and Blank
  • Test them then select the screensaver you like the most.
  • Note that among the six options, two are configurable.

With the option 3d text, you can enter text that will scroll in an animated way on the Windows 10 screensaver (see photo at the top of the article). It is possible to modify the size of the text, the speed of rotation, the font or the resolution. With the option Pictures, you can load several snapshots of your choice which will each appear in turn during the standby phase.

  • Finally, do not forget to indicate the screen timeout period (5 minutes, 10 minutes 15 minutes, etc.).
  • Press on To apply and the deal is in the bag!

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