How to crop an image on iOS 16

The new iOS 16 brings a very fun function that allows you to crop an image with a simple gesture from a photo. The procedure is very intuitive and we explain everything you need to know in this tutorial: how to crop a photo on iOS 16?

iPhone 14 Pro Max

Photoshop users are all familiar with the “magic brush” function, which allows you to crop a photo more or less automatically. With its new iOS 16, Apple brings this possibility to its Photos app. As often, the manufacturer succeeds in making a complex operation of a rare simplicity.

How to crop a photo with iOS 16?

To get started, select your shot in the Photos app.

  • Identify what you want to clip, it can be an object, an animal or a person.
  • Keep your finger pressed by placing it in the center of your target.
  • The app analyzes the image and performs the clipping in a handful of seconds.

  • You can move the cropped image to see if it suits you or not.
  • Release the pressure and two options appear above the cropped image: To copy and To share.

The first allows you to use this cropped image in all iOS apps that allow copy-paste and use images. The second is used to share the clipped image, which will appear on a white background, via Messages or by email and then use it on your computer for example.

We are pleasantly surprised by the result which, if not always perfect, remains very usable. Especially since unlike a classic clipping, often long and tedious, here it will have taken you less than five seconds. If making photomontages is surely one of the first things you will do, there are a myriad of possible uses, both fun and productive. Be imaginative!

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