How to Delete or Deactivate Snapchat Account in 2022

Want to delete your Snapchat account but don’t know how? We explain the procedure to follow to deactivate a Snapchat account from a computer, an iPhone or an Android smartphone.


was in its golden age until recently, but the social network is now struggling to compete against Instagram, which has cheerfully copied its flagship features and TikTok. Just look at how “Insta Stories” have completely devoured “Snap Stories” in just a few short years.

You might have abandoned the app, but did you delete your Snapchat account? Here’s how to unsubscribe from the service and completely deactivate your Snapchat account, via a web browser or from the application.

Delete your Snapchat account from your web browser

It’s a little-known feature, but Snapchat does have a web portal to manage your account. From there, you can view your Snap Code, request access to the data that the firm has on you, disconnect from certain devices and above all delete your account.

So see you on and log in with your Snap credentials. There you will find a more than basic menu with a list of the different options for your account. Click on Delete my account to start the procedure.

Delete snap account 1

You will arrive on a page asking you to confirm your request by re-entering your credentials. Click on Continue and your Snapchat account will be deactivated. After 30 days without attempting to reconnect on this Snap account, it will be permanently deleted.

If you want to reactivate your account, simply log in again from the Snapchat site or from the application. You will have to wait a few minutes for your account to be reactivated and then you will find all your data from the time, from your flames to your emojis.

Delete Snapchat Account from Android Smartphone or iPhone

It is also possible to delete your Snapchat account and unsubscribe from the application. The procedure is exactly the same whether you are on iOS or Android, it is however longer than that going through the browser.

Log into the Snapchat app and go to the Mmain menu by clicking in the top left on your Bitmoji. Here, go to the Parameters by clicking on the wheel at the top right.

In the settings, look for the tab Help Center which will take you to Snapchat’s support page. The support page presents several categories, the one we are interested in is My account and security. When opening this category, select Account Information and finally you will be offered to Delete my account.

It is not finished ! Snapchat sends you to a page explaining how to delete your Snapchat account. To make it simple and save you from reading everything, click on Account portal. This will take you directly to the page to finally deactivate it. Enter your credentials and click on Continue to confirm and that’s it, your Snapchat account is deactivated. If you do not connect to it within 30 days, it will be permanently deleted.

To reactivate the account, simply log in again within 30 days of deactivation. But even if it means using Snapchat, you might as well take the opportunity to activate the dark mode.

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