how to earn 130 € free for Black Friday? 🔥

This special Black Friday weekend, Boursorama is offering you a free bonus of € 130. You have to open an account and that’s it.

Today, Black Friday is no longer just limited to general e-merchants. We have exceptional offers or discounts in many very different industries. Among all these actors participating in the operation, there is also a single online bank that offers a strong argument: a cash bonus of € 130, free and unconditional.

In this case, it is the online bank Boursorama which allows you to earn 130 € all weekend. The procedure is simple: all you have to do is open an account, order your card… and that’s it. In about 10 minutes, you will be able to secure this beautiful bonus unconditionally. When registering, you will need to enter the code BF130 to activate the bonus.

I earn 130 € with Boursorama

There are several things to keep in mind before claiming this bonus. The first is that this offer is conditioned by the opening of the “Ultim” account. This account is free, without income conditions and without commitment. Only people who are prohibited from banking are not admitted. The associated bank card is also free. If you have a classic use of your bank, Boursorama will then be free of charge. Finally, this offer is valid until November 29.

Conditions and procedure to win 130 €

If Boursorama is in our opinion the best online bank in 2021, it is because it is the cheapest and the most complete. But it is also because it offers an archi welcome bonus that is easy to obtain. It will only take you a few minutes to complete a quick form, validate your account and order a card. At the end of the process, the € 130 bonus is yours.

For legal reasons, Boursorama cuts its premium into two parts. You will first receive 50 euros for the activation of the account. The The following 80 euros will be paid when you have ordered your credit card from your personal space. Again, the card is free – so you don’t have to worry. Note that this is a card equivalent to a Visa Premier card which is given to you for 0 €.

Unlike some banks which define drastic conditions to receive a bonus (in particular on a frequency of use or domiciliation of income), Boursorama Banque is ultra light. For this special Black Friday Pink Weekend, online banking is showing its most beautiful face. Clearly, if you don’t have an account with her yet, you have a double whammy to play this Sunday.

First of all, you are going to win this bonus of 130 € during the opening: it could not have come at a better time, especially just before the Christmas holidays. But then you also have the opportunity to test the best online bank in France. It is also the cheapest for 13 years according to a World ranking. More than 55% of its customers have had no fees in 2020. The year 2021 will be very much of the same ilk.

Current account

Conditions: No income condition – Welcome and Ultim cards

Annual fees: € 0 • Initial deposit: € 300

Check deposit: ✔ • Cash deposit: ✘

Bank card

Monthly cost of the card: 0 €

Euro zone withdrawals: Free • Euro zone payments: Free

Withdrawals in foreign currency: 1.69% • Payments in foreign currency: Free

Proposed cards

Mobile payment



If Boursorama Banque offers its free account throughout, it is still necessary to carry out one operation per month. Otherwise, it may charge you an inactivity fee. That said, online banking does not place any constraints on a minimum amount to be spent in euros. In the end, you can just buy a baguette so you don’t have to pay these fees. With the 130 € that are offered at the start, this gives you time to see.

Why trust Boursorama Banque?

In a few years, Boursorama Banque has grown from 600,000 to more than 3 million customers. Online banking has developed a formula that is very attractive for all profiles. To put it simply, you have access to the best offer on the market for 0 euros. With her, you have the classic banking products and services: account, credit card, credits, savings, stock market etc. Everything is like in a standard bank.

The difference is that everything is managed online. That said, Boursorama Banque has a very large team of French advisers who are there all week to help you with your procedures. The support is responsive, it has also been recognized by the famous Customer Relations Podium over the past 3 years. If you have any doubts, just call them for help.

Against this change, you have everything to gain – and above all a lot of money. Beyond the premium for this Pink Weekend, Boursorama Banque allows you to reduce your bill by € 200 on average every year. This amount is what customers pay in an average bank on average. At Boursorama, basic use of the account is completely free. Overall, a customer pays an average of € 7.73 per year at home. It is ridiculous as an amount.

While the other French online banks are stagnating, Boursorama continues its aggressive customer acquisition dynamic. With this Black Friday and this special offer, it could still garner a few tens of thousands of new customers. They have an interest in doing so since it does not commit them (they can keep their main account in another bank) and since it is 100% free.

It should also be recalled that Boursorama Banque is targeting 4.5 million customers by 2025 to finally have the size of traditional banking groups. It is already very heavy today and its journey is recognized by all. Online banking claims it can be profitable with such low costs – but only when it stops its generous acquisition policy. You might as well take advantage of the Pink Weekend and the 130 € while they are still available.

To obtain the 130 € at Boursorama, it’s here:

I earn 130 € with Boursorama

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