How to Easily Hide Your Files on Android

When you have sensitive information on your Android smartphone, whether personal or professional, it is vital to take certain precautions. We will explain here how to proceed in order to easily secure your files or your photos on your device.

android file hiding tutorial

The smartphone does part of our intimacy, this is the place where we can access all our little secrets. It is important to have control over your data so that no malicious person or those around you can access our precious.

Although it is possible to encrypt your terminal to protect it with a code, a diagram or a fingerprint sensor, unfortunately this is not enough because it is not 100% secure. Reasons to hide your data to prevent people around you or malicious people from falling on it are varied in a personal or professional context. The person borrowing your smartphone may stumble upon compromising or confidential data that you may not want to reveal or, in the case of children, may not be age appropriate.

In this new guide, discover how to hide sensitive information on your android smartphonein a personal or professional context.

How to hide files on your Android smartphone

In most cases, our smartphones do not have the ability to hide our little secrets. It is therefore necessary to install an application available on the Play Store to be able to help us in this process.


When using the application for the first time, you will need to create an account and register a code. Every time you go to leave the application, even without closing it, it will ask you at every opportunity. The fingerprint sensor can also be used and the encryption is military grade according to the publisher.

The ability to store photos on the cloud offered by the publisher allows us to synchronize the shots between all our devices. However, this functionality is offered as part of the premium offer.

Here’s how to secure your photos and keep them away from prying eyes.

  • Press the “+” at the bottom right and go to import photos
  • You can then select pictures that you want to secure by pressing them one after the other
  • You can also save an entire album If you feel like it
hide file folder android

It is worth noting that the application does not only take care of photos but can also take into account all kinds of files, a digital safe of sorts. Nevertheless, at the moment, none of the suggested solutions take care of hiding apps.

Hide applications on your Android smartphone

Nova Launcher

There are many reasons for hiding apps on your smartphone. This can be useful for professional reasons or to prevent children from accessing applications that are not suitable for their age.
There are lots of ways to achieve your goals, however, the method proposed by the Nova editor is particularly simple and intuitive. Good to know: manipulation is reserved for premium members. Once installed, here are the steps to follow.

  • Go to the app drawer
  • Tap on “Nova settings” at the top
  • Go to “Drawer”
  • At the very bottom you have “Hide applications” drawer groups, you just have to check the ones you want to hide
hide file folder android

Nova Launcher makes it easy to hide your apps. However, it is worth noting that overlays like that of Samsung, for example, allow you to do this kind of manipulation as well.

Hide folders manually without app

With any file manager you have on your smartphone, you can hide any folder just by renaming it. This is not the most recommendable trick, however. Just add a simple “.” in front of the folder name to make it hidden.

Then, no matter what is stored inside, photos, music etc… Nothing will be detected by the applications that used them. However, we do not recommend this manipulation to secure your most precious data, it’s just a little trick, nothing more.


With these few precautions, you can easily secure a large part of your digital life on your smartphone. Also remember to lock your smartphone, this is the first barrier you can put in place to prevent someone from using your smartphone without your permission. With the democratization of fingerprint sensors, it is obvious that this will only strengthen the security of our precious terminals.

However, it should be kept in mind that risk 0 does not exist and that with all the best will in the world, the danger of having your precious data stolen remains permanently.

In another register, backing up your data on another storage medium is also to be considered. Losing your precious device can also cause a number of inconveniences even if the data is secure on the smartphone. Not being able to access it yourself is also a factor to take into account.

Finally, there are other applications on the Play Store that can fulfill the same objectives, perhaps you know of better solutions? Feel free to tell us about it in the comments and let us know why it’s important to you.

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