How to Enable Stage Manager on Your iPad to Use Multi-Window Multitasking

iPadOS 16 is here and you want to test the biggest novelty. We explain how to use Stage Manager.

Stage Manager is here // Source: Frandroid

iPadOS 16 is here, and with it Stage Manager. Let’s take the opportunity to take a tour of this new feature.

What is Stage Manager on iPad?

One of the big new features of iPadOS 16 is… The simple possibility of connecting an external screen and using it as a second screen changes. It was highly anticipated and a game changer for anyone who spends hours a day working on their iPad. Before, connecting a screen via USB-C… only copied what the iPad displayed in the definition of the iPad. At best, some video apps displayed the video in the correct format.

Screen management // Source: Frandroid

This screen management comes alongside a new multitasking tool designed to facilitate quick switching between many applications: Stage Manager.

Stage Manager places four “stacks” of apps on the left side of your screen, like a dock of your various screen layouts. It complements Mission Control (to display two apps side by side) by giving you the ability to resize windows and place them side by side. Basically, Stage Manager allows you to create overlapping windows of different sizes in a single view.

Beware of headaches // Source: Frandroid

The dock is visible, giving you easy access to all your apps, but all recently used apps appear on the left. It is therefore very easy to switch from one to the other. Stage Manager also offers you new layout possibilities. You can work with overlapping windows.

How to activate Stage Manager?

By default, Stage Manager is disabled on iPadOS 16. It must therefore be activated.

You must install iPadOS 16, if you haven’t already, and go to iPadOS 16 Settings, then to the Home screen and display section, before touching the Stage Manager line in the Multitasking section and enable the Use Stage Manager on iPad option.

This way // Source: Frandroid

You can go to the shortcuts, here:

The bottom right button // Source: Frandroid

Which iPads are compatible?

Stage Manager is available iPad Pro onlyHere is the official list:

8 /10

Apple iPad Pro 11 M1

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2018)

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