how to enable two-factor authentication

Instagram allows you to enable two-factor authentication to no longer depend solely on the security of your master password. A way to significantly strengthen protecting your account against hacking. We explain how to configure it.

A hacker or a malicious person can have access to your account Instagram. For example, your credentials may end up on a list recovered by hackers. Other cases: someone has managed to guess your password or someone around you, for some reason X or Y, has succeeded in obtaining it and is accessing your account without your knowledge. Faced with these risks, changing your password frequently is imperative.

But there is even better: enable two-factor authentication. Instead of just sticking to your password, it acts as an additional safeguard. Concretely, a code generated for the occasion will be necessary to access your account, in addition to your password. This can be obtained via a code generator or via text message. Some sites also allow the use of a USB key. In this article, we’ll see how to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram.

How to enable two-factor authentication on Instagram

  • Open the app on your smartphone.
  • Tap your profile picture at the bottom right then tap the three horizontal bars.

Instagram: double authentication

  • Then press Settings> Security.
  • Go to section Two-factor authentication.

Instagram: two-factor authentication

  • Press the blue button To start up.
  • You have two choices: use an authentication application (like Google Authenticator and Duo Mobile) or choose to receive a text message with a connection code.

Instagram: two-factor authentication

  • For the first option, download the authentication application of your choice then configure a code on it.
  • On Google Authentificator, click on the + then on Enter configuration key.
  • Name the account then enter a key. Finally click on Add.
  • Go back to Instagram and tap Authentication app then on Following.

Google Authenticator on Instagram

  • You will then be redirected to Google Authenticator which will ask you if you want to save the key for your Instagram account. Press on OK.
  • Go back to Instagram and enter your login code generated by Google Authenticator to complete the setup.
  • It’s all good ! A connection code (in addition to your password) will now be required when connecting from a device not recognized by Instagram.

Instagram: google authenticator

It is also possible to opt for double authentication by text message. To do this :

  • In the menu Two-factor authentication, touch the section Text.

Instagram: two-factor authentication

  • You will then receive a confirmation code on the number of your choice.
  • Enter the code received then click on Following.

Each time you open a new session on Instagram, you will now have to enter your password and then a code received by text or generated by your authentication application. Take this opportunity to change your password to a more secure code on Instagram. Just go back to the section Security, section Password.

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