how to enjoy 100 GB without paying anything until next year?💡

Thanks to this crazy offer, you can take advantage of a 100 GB mobile plan for zero euros until 2023. We explain to you what it is exactly.

Having a mobile plan and paying nothing until next year is the promise made by the virtual operator La Poste Mobile, which allows you to subscribe to one of its three mobile plans without commitment, free of charge for 4 months. The latter therefore offers until September 25 its 100 GB formula as well as its two other packages of 100 MB and 50 GB on its official site for zero euros.

Admittedly, beyond the 4 months you will have to pay the price of the package you have subscribed to, that said, it remains an excellent solution to make great savings on this item of expenditure. As a reminder or for information, La Poste Mobile has built a solid reputation over the years. Basically, it was possible to subscribe to one of its packages only in its post offices, and later, on its official website, which offers web exclusives like this insane offer.

Without commitment, you can cancel before these mobile plans become chargeable, without any notice or justification. It’s a deal that allows you to spend nothing for the rest of the year, apart from the price of the SIM card which amounts to 9.90 euros.

To discover the packages in question, it’s here:

I take advantage of La Poste Mobile offers

In fact, after 4 months of free, the 100 GB package will cost 12.99 euros per month, that of 50 GB will increase to 9.99 euros and the mini package of 100 MB to 4.99 euros. Small subtlety, the latter (the one of 100 MB) will remain free indefinitely if you subscribe to SFR Box. For the other two packages, that of 100 GB and 50 GB, having an SFR Box subscription will allow you to lower their monthly price by 2 euros and 1 euro respectively. Always good to take.

100 GB or 50 GB at zero euros: the unlikely offer of La Poste Mobile

Currently, there is no other telecom operator on the market (neither Free nor RED by SFR or Sosh) offering such an attractive offer. As a reminder or for information, the Poste Mobile network uses SFR antennas. This means that you will benefit from the quality of the incumbent operator’s network but also from a wide coverage that covers the entire territory.

Also, in case of concern or if you have a question about your plan, you can get help by going directly to your post office. You will necessarily find the answer or the solution to your problem there since La Poste currently has no less than 30,000 advisers ready to help you.

I take advantage of La Poste Mobile offers

Basic free, you can choose the 5 euro option which allows you to transform these 4G formulas into 5G packages. In other words, you will have a 5G plan with 50 GB or 100 GB for 5 euros per month for 4 months. Which is in itself unique since it simply does not exist on the current market. This option is only available for the 50 GB and 100 GB plans.

Regarding the services they integrate, we find the traditional calls, SMS and MMS unlimited as well as an envelope of 15 GB per month usable from abroad. Practical for staying connected and keeping in touch with your family or friends, especially during your getaways in Europe and the French overseas departments and territories.

A 100 MB mini package for essentially… making calls

Alongside the 50 GB and 100 GB formulas, La Poste Mobile displays a 100 MB package on its site which goes to the essentials. Equipped with an internet envelope of 100 MB, it includes 2 hours of calls, as well as unlimited SMS and MMS which can also be used from the Europe and DOM/COM Zones. As we have previously said, beyond the 4 free months, its monthly rate increases to 4.99 euros.

Packages 0 euros La Poste Mobile
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And if you are an SFR box customer, it will remain 100% free over the long term. For example, you can take this 100 MB package for a child, an elderly person or the person of your choice so that they can call and be reachable 24 hours a day, at no cost to them.

If you think this La Poste Mobile offer is relevant for your daily use and you want to change your mobile plan, then now is the right time. Signing up takes just a few minutes and you can also keep your current number and easily transfer it to him.

To do this, call 3179 to obtain your RIO code (unique to your number). Once on the package subscription page, all you have to do is enter it in the field provided for this purpose so that the Mobile Post takes care of the transfer of your number (and possibly the termination of your old package ). You still have until September 25, after which it will be too late!

To discover La Poste Mobile’s 0-euro mobile plans, click here:

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