How to extract text and images from PDF file

Need to extract text from a PDF file but don’t know where to start? We detail the procedure in this tutorial.

Reduce PDF

PDF format is very popular when it comes to transferring your files. By the way, here’s how to create a PDF without installing an application. In some cases, you might need to retrieve the text of your document. This is usually done by selecting the part of the text that you need. Then right click to copy it to your clipboard. Still, this method does not always work. For example, it cannot be used on a scanned PDF file or on a protected PDF.

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How to Recover Text from PDF

Fortunately, there are several free tools online that will allow you to extract text from a PDF file. We recommend that you opt for the site Online OCR which does a very good job of detecting text. Do not hesitate to create an account for free. It will give you more features and options. The registered persons can in particular indicate the number of pages and have the possibility of converting a file of 200 MB (against 15 MB without registering).

  • For this tutorial, we have used this PDF file which comes from a magazine.

PDF: extract text

  • Go to Online PCR.
  • Upload your file, select the language and the output format and click on Convert.

Extract text from PDF

  • You now have access to your text which you can copy. You can also open it in the output format selected upstream (Word in this case).

Recover Text from PDF

Note that it is also possible to go through Adobe Reader. A tool that will however be ineffective with a protected file.

  • Open your PDF in the app
  • Then click on Save as text.
  • Name your file then save it.
  • You will now have access to your text in word processing software.

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