How to find deleted photos on an iPhone?

You browse through your photos on iPhone, find one you don’t like and delete it. But now, finally, you regret this action and would like to go back in time to recover this famous photo. Don’t panic, it’s potentially still possible and we’ll explain how to do it!

Who has never deleted a photo by mistake? Whether it’s on a whim or through mishandling, it’s certainly not uncommon. But long gone are those years when our phones and smartphones offered no security at this level. If at one time, a deleted photo was permanently deleted, manufacturers have somewhat modified this way of doing things today, to copy what computer operating systems have been offering for a long time. You have probably already understood, but in this guide we are going to tell you about the trash!

Recover deleted photos on iPhone, is it possible?

But you will still have to pay attention to what you are doing and above all do not take too long to react. If Apple offers a trash and deleted photo recovery system on iPhone, this feature does not have an unlimited duration. Thirty days after the deletion, the photo has definitely fallen into the bowels of emptiness. In short: this time it will no longer be possible to go back. Photos, videos, screenshots, everything is housed in the same boat. The only way to avoid this is to turn off iCloud Photo Library entirely.

Likewise, not everything is recoverable. If your own images are for 30 days, those sent by your contacts, via iMessage for example, that you have never saved in your own gallery will be directly deleted permanently if you decide to throw them away.

How to recover deleted photos and videos on iOS?

If you thought you had to go digging through your iPhone’s subfolders, don’t panic: it’s much simpler than that. Follow these few steps:

  1. First, open the Photos app on your iPhone;
  2. Tap the “Albums” tab at the bottom of your screen;
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the application, then click on “Recently deleted”;
  4. Depending on the version of iOS, you’ll need to unlock the folder with FaceID or a passcode;
  5. Tap the photo you want to put back in your gallery;
  6. Click “Recover” at the bottom right of the screen.

You can also recover multiple photos at once. All you have to do is press “Select” at the top of the screen before step 5, then click on all the photos concerned. Then go to step 6. And voilà, your photos, videos or screenshots are saved!

Finally, is it possible to permanently delete the photos?

If there is a photo or video that you absolutely want to delete, it is also entirely possible. Apple has not chosen to sequester your compromising files for 30 days, it’s up to you whether or not you want to make it all disappear. The procedure is also very simple:

  1. Open your Photos app on iPhone;
  2. Go in search of the photo to delete, then click on it;
  3. Click the trash can icon at the bottom right of the screen;
  4. Confirm deletion;
  5. Go to the “Albums” tab at the bottom of the screen;
  6. Scroll all the way down then click on “Recently deleted”;
  7. Tap the photo you just deleted;
  8. Tap “Delete” at the bottom left of the screen,
  9. Confirm photo deletion.

It’s done, the photo is permanently deleted. As you will have understood, there is therefore no longer any possible recovery at this stage. It is also important to specify that if you have activated the synchronization of photos on iCloud, the said photo will also be deleted from Apple’s servers and will therefore no longer be accessible either on your other compatible devices (iPad, Mac, etc.).

Another solution to secure your photos: Google Photos

The Google Photos service, although having no native app on iOS, can be used on iPhone and iPad without any problem. The only difference with its Android version is that you have to launch the said application from time to time in order to synchronize your latest photos. But unlike photos stored in iCloud, deleting one from your iPhone doesn’t affect its Google Cloud backup in any way. If you need to make your photos a little more secure, it is always possible to use this service.

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