How to fix Always On issue on iPhone 14 Pro

The Always On mode is not to all users’ liking, some find it too confusing due to its colors and brightness. There is a method to dim this Always On mode.

iPhone 14 Pro

As we described in our iPhone 14 Pro review, the iPhone 14 Pro’s Always On mode doesn’t work like most Android smartphone always-on display modes. Even in standby, the new iPhone still shows the lock screen in color, including time and widgets. It is with reduced brightness, nevertheless the difference is huge and also changes the use of the phone significantly.

8 /10

Apple iPhone 14 Pro

It’s hard to say whether Apple’s approach is better than Samsung’s or Google’s. The Galaxy S22 and Pixel 6, with their Always On displays, only show basic things like the time, battery status, and notifications. On iPhone 14 Pro, some of you turn off Always On mode because it disturbs you too much. However, there is a method to make it less visible.

How to not show wallpaper in Always On mode?

Indeed, Apple has hidden a special function in the settings of the mode Concentration. To turn it on, go to Settings > Centering > [sélectionnez le mode de concentration que vous voulez] > Options. Then tick Show on locked screen as well as Dim locked screen. Now when this focus mode is enabled, when your iPhone 14 Pro enters Always On mode, the entire lock screen will turn into a simple black and white mode.


Unfortunately, enabling this setting has some drawbacks. First of all, it is only available with a Focus mode. Moreover, it blurs your lock screen background. Hoping that Apple makes changes to iOS 16, here is what we offer you.

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