How to Fix iPhone Charger Cable Not Working?

If you have an iPhone, then you may have already been confronted with this problem that many Apple followers have encountered: the lightning cable which tends to wear out much too quickly. Dirty tip, scratched, partly torn cable, there are many evils that can be encountered when using Apple cables.

If rigorously careful use makes it possible to avoid too much damage to this precious white cable supplied with the iPhone, all you have to do is store it a little too often loosely in your backpack, for example, so that a bright future will no longer be yours. promised and charging becomes impossible. Fortunately, a cable that at first glance seems to be at the end of its life is not necessarily always so; repair being the key word both economical and ecological these days, know that it can sometimes be possible to give a second wind to your equipment thanks to a few little tips.

How to repair an iPhone cable?

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Above all, it is good to note that a completely ruined cable obviously cannot be repaired. Sometimes you have to realize that buying a new one is a mandatory step. But if you do it in time, you can potentially limit wear and tear. One of the common techniques is to cover the stripped part of the cable with adhesive tape with electrical insulation; be careful though, this is only advised in case of light damage like a split in the cable rather than a hole giving a bird’s eye view inside it.

In other cases, the lightning connection may simply be too dirty. If you work in a dusty environment, for example, you may well have dust and other residues stuck to the charging end of the cable. Unplugged from any device, you can rub it with a damp cloth and then dry it with a soft cloth.

But if in doubt, the best advice for your own safety as well as that of your iPhone will remain to change the cable for a new one. If the basic one offered by Apple does not suit you in terms of durability, it may be worth getting one covered in braided nylon or Kevlar in stores or on e-commerce platforms. Not particularly more expensive (sometimes even cheaper than the official cable), they generally have a longer lifespan thanks to their reinforcement. It is still better to buy a new cable for ten euros than a new iPhone for more than a thousand euros, if the old one is no longer usable because of a cable that would have caused a short circuit.

Is it possible to repair the iPhone power adapter?

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Even if it is no longer supplied with the iPhone, the official Apple power adapter still exists and is even available in several versions. But like any electronic device, misuse or natural wear and tear can cause it to no longer charge your phone or any other product with a battery.

Unfortunately, you can only intervene without danger on two elements: the USB port of the mains adapter as well as the USB tip of your charging cable. If one of the two is covered in dust or if an external element is blocked inside, all you have to do is clean with a cotton swab or dislodge with a toothpick or an air can compressed which may interfere with charging. But beyond that, if the problem is electronic, you will either have to go through a professional or change your adapter.

Repairing the charging port of an iPhone, is it possible?

iPhone Lightning
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If the cable seems to be in perfect condition and the same is true for the power adapter, the charging problem encountered may be on the iPhone side. It’s necessarily less fun since a new phone necessarily costs more than the rest of the charging equipment. We’re not going to make the suspense last any longer: no, you won’t be able to repair your iPhone’s charging port yourself, unless you work in electronics and know how to do it.

But you can still check with a quick little check: sometimes small pieces of tissue, fabric, or even a thin piece of wood. In short, in the lightning port, many things can get lodged and prevent your cable from inserting it entirely. If this is the case, take a very fine, non-conductive object (a toothpick can do the trick) and dislodge the disturbing element.

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