How to get the Honor Magic 4 Lite (0€) easily?

Honor’s excellent smartphone is offered if you opt for a RED by SFR plan. The RED Deal, which allows you to receive the smartphone, is one of the most attractive ever presented. The Honor Magic 4 Lite 5G has been available since May.

RED by SFR knows how to attract new customers with attractive offers. At the moment, the operator is promoting a RED Deal which allows you to receive an Honor Magic4 Lite 5G as a gift, in return for subscribing to a package. As you will see in detail below, this is the best offer we have seen in recent months.

Discover the RED Deal

The RED Deal is a recent operation, it has existed for about a year with the operator. We have seen it several times on the RED by SFR site, – and it is still very successful. It must be said that the promise is convincing: you combine a smartphone offered with a package at a competitive price. It will be necessary to commit to 24 months, but the quality-price ratio is extra.

For the current operation which ends on July 4, RED by SFR associates an excellent Honor Magic4 Lite 5G with the 100 GB mobile plan. The latter is new, with 128 GB of storage and a black color. Still sold for 319 euros at online merchants like Amazon or Fnac, it is offered to you with the RED Deal. The operator is transparent about its offer, you have no risk.

Why is the RED Deal so interesting?

To show you how attractive this RED Deal is, you have to dive straight into the math. There are two elements to take into account in this offer: on the one hand there is the Honor Magic4 Lite 5G smartphone which is offered, on the other there is the mobile plan to which you must subscribe for a period of 24 months .

To start with the package associated with this operation, it is a formula that includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, 100 GB in France and 15 GB in the EU and the overseas departments which is sold at 15 euros per month. . The small difference with the rest of the RED by SFR range is that you have to commit to a period of 2 years.

Against this long-term commitment, RED by SFR offers you an Honor Magic4 Lite 5G. In this case, this recent model of mid-range smartphone sells for 319 euros, as we have said. More clearly, in exchange for a 24-month commitment, the operator offers you a gift worth 319 euros.

Then just make the following subtraction: 15 euros x 24 months (360 euros) – 319 euros = 41 euros. This is the actual amount that the subscription will cost you over the 24-month commitment. Per month, this therefore corresponds to the sum of 3.41 euros for a 100 GB package. We have never seen better in recent years, it is the perfect handset to save money.

You have the choice between reselling the Honor Magic4 Lite 5G and collecting a profit of 319 euros or keeping it for daily use. It’s a very good phone that offers a good compromise between the screen, the photo and the battery. The product comes with an official 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. You also always have 14 days to change your mind about your purchase from RED by SFR.

Discover the RED Deal

By choosing the RED Deal, the operator therefore offers you this Honor Magic4 Lite 5G. Once you have subscribed to this offer, you fully own it. It’s unlocked, so you can use it on another plan and network later. This has nothing to do with the subscriptions of traditional operators who lock you in with a subscription and a smartphone for the duration.

Why choose this Honor smartphone?

The Honor Magic4 Lite 5G is a mid-range smartphone available on the market since May 2022. It combines technical qualities in its category, such as its 6.81-inch FHD+ screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, its 4800 mAh battery compatible with fast charging (Honor SuperCharge: 66 W) or its triple photo module with a 48 Mpx wide-angle main sensor.

Equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 chip coupled with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, the Honor Magic4 Lite 5G can also boast of its compatibility with the 5G network. It’s perfect for running all your daily mobile applications without latency in addition to enjoying a smartphone with an efficient and modern design with a beautiful screen/body ratio.

Discover the RED Deal

The RED Deal officially ends on Monday July 4, 2022. However, it has already happened several times that RED by SFR had to end its offer early. This is related to the fact that the stock of the smartphone is not unlimited. Once the operator has sold all the Honor Magic4 Lite 5G, the offer disappears. So don’t do it at the last moment.

A mobile plan without commitment?

If you want to choose a better mobile plan without commitment, it is also possible at RED by SFR. In parallel with the RED Deal, the operator is right in the Big RED, another special operation during which it lowers the prices of all its formulas. Obviously, these do not include the Honor Magic4 Lite 5G since they are all without commitment of duration.

Among the best offers in progress during the Big RED, we find the mobile plan at 11 euros for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 100 GB of Internet in France and 15 GB in the EU and the overseas departments. If this offer is relevant, we remind you that it does not allow you to receive the smartphone offered. However, it can present itself as a good alternative according to your expectations.

To see RED by SFR’s non-binding mobile plans, it’s here:

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