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how to guess the result before this draw?

The Loto draw for this Friday, May 13 promises to reach all records. FDJ involved an abnormally high amount: 13 million euros. We also remember that the probability of winning the jackpot is 10x greater than for the EuroMillions.

On this Friday the 13th, FDJ treats us with two independent draws on the same evening. On one side there is the EuroMillions and on the other the Super Loto. If both can meet with great success with the superstitious, the most interesting is that of the national lottery. Indeed, if the amount is slightly lower, the probability of hitting the jackpot is 10x greater.

I play the Super Loto

I play EuroMillions

The easy way to play Super Loto (or EuroMillions) is to go directly to the FDJ site. The latter allows you to open an account in 2 minutes, place your bet and get the results in preview. If you have won something in one of the draws, you can then withdraw it with a few clicks and in complete discretion.

Regarding the minimum bet, you will have to play 3 euros on the Friday 13 Loto and 2.50 euros on the EuroMillions. You can then take advantage of exclusive options on the internet such as MultiChances. For example, for 9 euros, you can bet on 600 grids in parallel for the Loto (you will receive a share of the total cake). The so-called MultiChances option is also available at the EuroMillion.

What are the past Lotto results?

We have bad news for you: past results do not predict future Lotto results. Each of the draws is independent, so there is no relationship between successive draws. It is therefore officially useless to look for correlations between the draws to determine the outcome of the result of this Loto on Friday, May 13 in the evening.

However, we still tend to look at the numbers that have fallen in the past for each of the draws. The FDJ site publishes real-time statistics on each of the Loto draws to give you an indication of the numbers that fall more or less frequently. These so-called “hot” or “cold” numbers are closely watched by the superstitious.

I play the Super Loto

In this case, the three numbers that have come out the most for a Loto draw since November 2019 are the following: 22, 25 and 31. These numbers have come out more than 10% of the times, i.e. at least 50 times, in the last two years. These are hot numbers but no one knows if they will fall for this super mega Lotto Friday the 13th draw.

Conversely, the Loto draw does not leave much room for numbers 1, 20 and 34. The first came out almost twice as much as 22 (ie 30 times over the entire period). If these are officially the cold numbers, the Loto Friday 13th draw could bring its share of surprises.

On Friday the 13th, the Loto draw will therefore necessarily leave all the room to chance. We advise you to go with your lucky numbers. If you don’t really have any favorite numbers, we invite you to use the flash system which allows you to fill in grids randomly and without wasting time. You can do this at tobacconists or on the internet. You can do it on 10 grids in parallel for example.

FDJ adds a bonus to 50 players

To further boost the enthusiasm for this Friday 13th Super Loto draw, FDJ is adding a significant bonus. 50 people will also walk away with a jackpot of 20,000 euros. This amount is independent of the main national lottery draw. Indeed, you can very well win nothing in the lottery and leave with a check.

Whether at your tobacconist or on the net, you will receive a randomly generated code for each Super Lotto Friday 13 grid that you fill out. This code serves as an entry into this secondary draw. FDJ will then draw 50 from all the codes generated: it is therefore a jackpot of 1 million euros which is guaranteed to players.

This also means that if no one finds the correct result for this Loto Friday the 13th draw, you can still console yourself with this secondary draw. This is also a big difference between the two: the Lotto draw is not guaranteed. It is therefore possible that no one finds the right result and that the sum is therefore put into play next week. In this case, the amount to be won will be even greater.

I play the Super Loto

Timings for draws

Whether it’s the Loto or EuroMillion draw, the deadline to participate will remain the same: 8:15 p.m. It is therefore necessary to hurry not to miss this hour and to be automatically switched to the draw of the following week. If you play on the internet and you open your account on the official FDJ website, we also advise you to do so in advance so as not to be taken aback.

If the default bet is 2.50 euros for EuroMillions and 3 euros for Loto, the latter is much more interesting. You have a 1 in 6 chance (about 16%) of walking away with a win. EuroMillion is much more moderate since you only have a 1 in 13 chance of walking away with money. It must still be said that the EuroMillion allows you on this Friday the 13th to take advantage of My Million.

My Million follows somewhat the same principle as the second Super Loto draw on Friday the 13th. In this case, there will be a Frenchman among all the participants who will be drawn and who will walk away with one million euros this evening. Each grid filled in for EuroMillions acts as a participation ticket for My Million: it is therefore included in the price of the main ticket.

To participate in the Lotto of Friday May 13, it’s here:

I play the Super Loto

I play EuroMillions

Gambling involves risks: indebtedness, isolation, dependence. For help, call 09 74 75 13 13 (non-surcharged call).

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