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how to install the same extensions as on PC

Google Chrome on Android is as smooth as the browser version for PC and Mac. But its main flaw is in the extensions that it is not possible to install on smartphones. Fortunately, there is an alternative way to take advantage of it. We explain how to do it.

Chrome extensions on Android

Google chrome has established itself in a few years as the most popular browser for both desktop and mobile. In 2021, it has more than 65% market share, according to figures from Statcounter. And this is not the result of chance. We appreciate Google Chrome for its fluidity, but also for the richness of its Chrome Web Store.

A library of extensions which is however not available on smartphones. “You cannot view or search the Chrome Web Store from your mobile device at this time”, can we read in particular when trying to access it from a phone.

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How to use extensions on the Android version of Google Chrome?

But it can still be avoided. To get there, you have to go through a alternative version of Google Chrome: Kiwi Browser. It is a free browser based on the same core as Chrome, namely Chromium. In principle, it has its own extension store. But like Opera, it is possible to install Chrome extensions there with a simple trick that works.

How to install any Google Chrome extension on Kiwi Browser

We will take it step by step. To get started, you must first download and install the latest version of Kiwi browser on your Android smartphone. It is available on the Play Store:

Extension on Kiwi Browser

  • It is now necessary activate developer mode by flipping the switch in the upper right corner.

Kiwi Browser

  • Once done, click on the button + (from store) to access the Chrome Web Store.

Kiwi extensions Google Chrome

  • Browse the extension library and install the one you want to get.
  • For this test, we downloaded Save To Pocket, an extension that allows you to keep in memory the content you want to consult later.
  • Click on Add to Chrome then click OK.

Save to Pocket

  • Then click on the three small vertical dots then scroll down to the bottom to find your extension.

Kiwi Extension

  • The latter will sometimes ask you to identify (with your Google or Facebook account) before being used.
  • Once done, you can use your extension as you wish. In our example, we clicked on the extension in the drop-down menu to save an article.

Save to Pocket

Note that not all extensions will work on Kiwi Browser since they were originally developed for a desktop browser. In addition, if you want to change the settings of your extensions:

  • Click on the three small vertical dots then on Extensions.
  • Click on Details to configure your extension.

Kiwi: access the extensions settings

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