how to install your favorite apps in your menu bar

This is the macOS tool that will save you time! You are presented with an application that allows you to place mobile web pages in the menu bar of your Mac.

macOS: how to install your favorite apps in your menu bar

Whether at work or for personal use, there are always a few websites that you visit several times a day. Whether it’s social media, news sites, search engines, tools… There are more convenient ways to find them in one click than your browser bookmarks.

We have found a powerful tool, which is also free, is the MenubarX application. Basically, you can place one or more websites as icons in the macOS menu bar for quick and easy access.

macOS: how to install your favorite apps in your menu bar

The display can be adjusted by tab so that the called website occupies only the necessary part of the screen, one can change the definition and the user agent associated (browser information shared with servers). Automatic refresh, use of shortcuts, bookmarks and more… Lots of options are available.

How it works ?

After downloading MenubarX on the Mac App Store, the corresponding icon will appear in the menu bar. Click on the symbol in the menu bar, enter a URL in the address bar and use the website called up in the small window.

The toolbar at the bottom allows you to open new tabs or add bookmarks. You can also open new tabs with cmd+N (⌘N)which also creates a new MenubarX icon in the menu bar.

macOS: how to install your favorite apps in your menu bar

You can change the shape and size of the window via the smartphone icon. Under the “User Agent” menu item, you can select mobile devices (iOS, Android, Kindle) and computers (Mac, Windows PC).

If you choose iOS as the base, you also have the choice between different iPhone models to select the right definition that corresponds to the size of the window you want. Especially if the website should not take up much space, it is worth choosing iOS as the user agent, because then the display of the website is optimized for vertical display.

Good setup! Find other macOS tutorials here.

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