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how to keep your drivers up to date

On Windows, there are several ways to update drivers. Usually, these update automatically. But it is sometimes necessary to force the maneuver, especially when a peripheral no longer works. We explain to you.

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Also called drivers, drivers are programs that establish a gateway between peripherals (printer, graphics card, keyboard, monitor, network cards, etc.) and an operating system. The objective is obviously to allow them to be functional. So having the latest updated drivers is more than recommended. This will allow your computer to perform better, which is far from negligible.

In principle, users do not have to worry if automatic system updates are regularly installed. Indeed, the brands provide their latest drivers to Microsoft which deploys them automatically when installing updates. This is also one of the reasons why new Windows updates take a few weeks before reaching all users, the time to test the feedback and to propose fixes according to each model.

As you will have understood, Windows constantly watches over your drivers by making sure that you have the most current versions. And the OS doesn’t hesitate to install updates like a big one when the need arises. Note that optional driver updates may also appear on Windows Update. To get there :

  • Type Windows Update in the search bar.
  • Click on Show optional updates.

Windows Update

  • Expand the available driver update, check the box and start the download and installation.

Optional driver update

Be aware that these updates are only useful if you have a specific issue on a device. “Otherwise, automatic updates keep your drivers up to date”, ensures Windows.

Updating your PC’s drivers

We recommend installing driver updates manually only when necessary. To have the best performance in the game, gamers must in particular keep their graphics card driver up to date.

Go through the device manager

It is likely that your devices already have the most recent driver. If you are having trouble with a particular driver, you can try to fix it by updating or reinstalling it from the device manager. In the latter, you will be able in particular to check that the device is in good working order (if it is not, you now know why it was not working).

  • In Windows 10, right click on the start menu and click Device Manager.
  • Identify the device in the list and right click on it> Update the driver.

Device Manager

  • You then have two alternatives: automatically search for updated driver software / Browse my computer for driver software.
  • In the first case, the OS will do the job by looking for a possible update. If so, you can install it.

If no new update is available, a dialog box will tell you that you already have the latest version. But what if the problem persists with the device? You can uninstall it with a right click and then restart your computer. The system will then try to reinstall the driver. As a last approach, go to the manufacturer’s website. Almost all of them have an intuitive search engine to identify the right drivers for different PC models.

  • Once done, install the driver via Device Manager by choosing the option Browse my computer for driver software.
  • Specify the folder where the driver is located to start the installation.

Install drivers manually

Update graphics card drivers

Let it be said, if there are many drivers that need to be updated often, it is graphics cards. Especially for players who want to be able to take advantage of the latest in-game developments. To do this, the three mastodons that are AMD, NVIDIA and Intel each have their own utility to regularly refresh the pilots. Here are the download links for these devilishly handy tools:

Driver update utilities

All Drivers

They should only be used as a last resort. Usually, their installation is not necessary if system updates are installed over-the-air. On old versions of the OS (which are no longer updated regularly), it may however be relevant to go in search of a particular driver in case of concern.

Once again, the easiest way is to rummage on the manufacturer’s site. If you have difficulty identifying it, it is always possible to use utilities like Driver Pack Solution or the TousLesDrivers website which offers the latest official drivers for free.

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