How to make your Mac read text aloud

How to make your Mac read text aloud

Did you know your Mac can talk? Yep, an accessibility feature on macOS can read entire documents aloud. We will walk you through the procedure in this tutorial.

Whether you love Apple or hate Apple, it must be recognized that the Apple firm is leading several efforts in terms of accessibility, especially on iOS. But computers are not left out. So your Mac can read text aloud. You can use this to “listen” to an article while you do other things, or so that someone in your household with vision problems can benefit from it as well. Setting up this option is very simple as you will see here.

How to make your Mac read text aloud?

You must first configure your macOS to activate this function.

  • Click on the menu Apple and then System Preferences.
  • In the window, select Accessibility.
  • On the right column choose Stated content.

How to make your Mac read text aloud

  • On the right you can activate the function Stated content for many items, but we’ll limit ourselves to reading selected text.
  • Check the box to the left of State the selection.
  • You can set the voice type and the voice rate.

How to make your Mac read text aloud

  • The function is activated. Now, whenever you select text, it can be read aloud by performing a right click and by selecting in the drop-down menu Speech then Start reading.

How to make your Mac read text aloud

The text will then be read by your Mac. If the voice surely lacks human warmth, it is very intelligible.

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