How to manage your Google Home history?

You are a fan of Google Home products and constantly question them or give them voice commands. A very practical use on a daily basis, but the counterpart is that Google keeps track of all your requests. How to manage your Google Home history? Follow the leader !

How to manage your Google Home history?

Whether you ask your Google Home to tell you jokes, launch video surveillance, your favorite playlist, control your lights or even the heating. Google keeps a complete history of your commands and interactions with its smart speakers. We will explain here how to manage your Google Home history.

How to manage your Google Home history?

First, you need to access the history and to do this launch the Google Home app.

  • Click at the top right on the circle that corresponds to your account.
  • Select line My activity.
  • A web page then opens:
  • Note that you can access this page directly from your internet browser on mobile, tablet and your computer. On these last two platforms, the possibilities are more precise.
  • On this page, you will see all the voice commands you have issued recently, but also the incoming notifications from your Google Home.
  • By clicking on the Filter by date button, you can view your history of the dayof the day beforeon the last 7 daysthe last 30 dayssince the start of the Google Home installation (The whole period) and finally on a Custom period.
  • This allows you to consult the contents of the history and if you wish to clean it you will have to go through the button Remove.
  • A new page is displayed and allows you to erase the history according to four periods, Last hour, Last day, The whole period and on a Custom period.
  • The last line Configure automatic deletions, will allow you to automate the deletion of your history. You only have to choose after how long an order must be deleted, 36 months, 18 months or even 3 months.

You now have all the keys in hand to manage your Google Home history and thus keep control of your privacy.

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