How to open a HEIC photo in Windows and convert it to JPG?

If you use an iPhone every day, you’ve probably encountered a problem: Windows refuses to open your photos. Apple’s format, HEIC, can nevertheless be used on Microsoft’s operating system and we will explain how to do it.

The HEIC photo format can be opened on Windows, or even converted to JPG. However, there are a few steps to follow to achieve this.

Many iPhone users want to open a photo on their Windows computer, only to be faced with a major problem: nothing is displayed, nothing opens. However, the photo is there on your Apple smartphone, you’re not crazy: it was taken and is available in your gallery. But why does Windows react like this?

What is the HEIC photo format?

From its full name High Efficiency Video Coding, the HEIC photo format was deployed by Apple in 2017 at the turn of the release of iOS 11, its operating system dedicated to its smartphones, the iPhone. HEIC is based on the HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standard, optimized to be very lightweight.

What are the benefits of HEIC?

As a result, the HEIC is presented as twice as light as an image of equivalent quality in JPG, the format is unusual on our Windows machines. Very good news for our iPhones, which do not always have very durable storage, especially since photos are not the only ones to fill our internal memory: applications, videos and updates are gradually filling up the few gigabytes available. .

Even better, the HEIC format enjoys the possibility of “rolling back” the modifications made: a crop or an edition is never final. Moreover, the quality of the image does not decrease over the editions.

But despite all these advantages, the problem remains the same: it is not possible to open them natively (without additional software) on a PC. Rest assured, there are simple solutions to put in place.

How to open a HEIC file on Windows?

No operating system stamped with Windows is capable, for the time being, of natively opening a HEIC image, not even the latest version, Windows 11. But Microsoft has thought of everything (or almost), since it is quite possible to install a small extension on your PC, through the official store.

To do this, follow these simple steps:

  • Go to the Microsoft Store, via the start menu;
  • Search for “HEIF Image Extensions” in the app store;
  • Click “Get” under the app logo;
  • The program, weighing less than 5 MB, is installed on your Windows computer;
  • You just have to open any HEIC photo to view it.

This same extension also allows you to open your HEIC photos in the Adobe Photoshop image editing software. You can edit them directly from your computer.

How to convert a HEIC photo to JPG?

Even though you can now open HEIC photos and edit them from Windows, another problem may appear. Unlike more traditional formats such as JPG, PNG or even GIF, the web is not quite ready to receive your HEIC photos yet. Some websites will therefore not be able to accept them, whether they are social networks (Twitter, to name but one, does not accept them on its web version), public bodies or banking, mutual insurance, etc It is therefore never really practical to share your photos, if no one accepts them.

If there are many software that we could advise you, the simplest solution is probably to go through a website specializing in file conversion. In addition to being free, the one we would like to recommend is easy to use.

Here’s how to convert a HEIC photo to JPG:

  • Go directly to the HEIC/JPG conversion page of the TinyWow site;
  • Click on “Upload from PC or Mobile”;
  • Choose the HEIC file you want to convert (you can add more than one);
  • Wait for the site to successfully retrieve the files;
  • If requested, complete the “reCaptcha” by checking the box;
  • TinyWow will convert the files;
  • Click on “Download”;
  • Enjoy your photo in JPG format.

If you nevertheless prefer to turn to software to install on your PC, to continue converting your HEICs to JPGs in the event of an internet outage or on the move, for example, then we advise you to use CopyTrans HEIC for Windows. Available for free on the official website of CopyTrans, a premium version is also offered in order to receive full support when needed.

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