How to remove blur from photos with the Google Pixel 7

One of the novelties of the Google Pixel 7 is to be able to save blurry photos by making them sharp. Here is a tutorial to learn how to use this function.

Unblur photo on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro // Source: Google

The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro add a number of exclusive features over Google’s previous smartphones, the Pixel 6. Perhaps one of the most impressive is Photo Unblur, which can recover blurry photos they’ve just taken. be taken or that they date from much earlier.

In detail, Google explains that this feature “can improve blurry photos” resulting from “mild to moderate motion blur, camera shake and slight focus blur”. Blur can also “reduce the visual noise of an image”. The comparison below allows you to see a concrete example of the interest of Photo Unblur.

How to use Photo Unblur

Here’s how to use Photo Unblur:

  • Open Google Photos;
  • Select a photo that looks blurry;
  • Press edit;
  • Look for an editor’s suggestion for Anti-Blur and press;
  • Or, scroll down to “Tools” and select Anti-blur.

There, you will have the possibility to choose at what percentage you want to “deblur” the photo. You then have the option of saving a copy to keep the original.

It is also possible to deblur right after taking a photo, directly in the Edit tab by following the same process as indicated above.

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