how to schedule the sending of an email

To govern is to plan! You have important emails to send by a specific date and time. Except that you are not immune to a small oversight. So, why not schedule your email now so you don’t have to think about it afterwards? This functionality is notably available on Gmail. Tutorial.


Gmail is full of features, tips and tricks that make its users happy. In particular, you can recall an email sent by mistake, send confidential messages that destroy themselves after a certain time or even… schedule the sending of emails. This functionality was not offered natively on the messaging service before it was finally integrated along the way.

Gmail: how to schedule an email on a computer?

  • Write a new email by clicking on the red pencil at the top left of your personal space.
  • Once done, click on the small ascending arrow next to the Submit button.
  • Click on Schedule sending.

Gmail: schedule an email

  • Then choose a date and a time and voila !
  • To edit a scheduled message, simply go to the tab Planned.
  • Then click on the email to transform then on Cancel sending.

Edit a scheduled email

  • After modifying it, you will only have to program again by indicating a date and a time.

Gmail: how to program an email on a smartphone

This very useful feature is obviously also topical on the Gmail application. And this on both iOS and Android. After opening the app, follow the next steps:

  • Click on New message.
  • Write your email then click on the three small dots at the top right of the screen.
  • Then press Schedule a shipment.

Schedule an email on the Gmail application

  • It is now a question of choosing a time and a date or of selecting one of the three options offered.

Gmail: schedule email

  • To modify or cancel the shipment, you will have to go to the tab Scheduled shipments accessible by clicking on the three horizontal bars at the top left.
  • As on a computer, it will be necessary to cancel the sending before being able to modify the e-mail and indicate a new date and a new time.

Finally, be aware that it is possible that some scheduled emails are sent with a few minutes late, as Google points out on a support page.

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