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How to see your playtime on PS5?

This is a question to which it is not necessarily useful to know the answer, but that any curious player asks himself at least once in his life.

You’ve owned a PlayStation console for a while and you want to know how many hours did you spend playing? Better yet, want to identify which of your titles is taking up the most of your time? Let’s be honest, you don’t need to have a number to know this information, but it always helps to be specific, especially in case you would like to evaluate the lifespan of a title. So here’s how to see your playtime on PS4 and PS5.

Display your playtime on PS5

To do this, nothing could be simpler, just go to your PSN profile. At the top right of your home screen, click your profile icon, then click Profile. On this page, click on the Games tab, and let the interface guide you. It then lists all the games you own and some practical information on them.

By default, games are sorted by “last game played”, from newest to oldest. You can change this display by clicking on the small icon to the left of the list, and sort them by genre or by platform. Each game insert displays its last use, the percentage of trophies you have obtained, and in a very small way, the number of hours you have spent on it.

A novelty since the PS4

Old timers already know this, but seeing your time per game was not a possible feature back in the days of the PS4. Despite this addition on PS5, it is worth noting that it is still impossible to clearly display your playing time via the PlayStation menu on old generation consoles. It’s a shame, but be aware that many games offer this feature internally.

In some titles, this stat is visible from the game selection menu, in others you have to go to the game menu once your game has started (often in the “logbook”, “dashboard” or an equivalent term) and in still other games, you have to go directly to the management settings, a much less frequent option.

If, however, your game does not have this feature, you can always turn to the PS4 parental controls to find out the number of hours of play played per day. Unfortunately, you won’t get more specific than that.

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