How to set date and time on Android?

In this tutorial for beginners, we will teach you how to precisely set the date and time on your Android phone.

You have just opened your phone, but it does not display the correct date or time? Do not panic: in this tutorial for beginners, we will guide you on how to manually configure these two very important pieces of information. This tutorial was made on the interface of a Samsung, but the procedure should not be very different on other Android phones.

First, you have to access the phone settings: pull down the notification bar → Click on thecogwheel icon → Tab General Where System Where Global managementDate and hour.

Check the option Automatic date and time so that the time is set automatically using your telephone company’s network (a SIM card is required for this). The transition from summer time to winter time will, for example, be automatic. It’s the same for the time zone: if you want it to be automatic, leave the option Automatic time zone checked.

You can also uncheck these options and set the time and time zone you are subject to yourself. Note that it is also possible to choose the time format, by checking or not the option 24 hour format. So the phone will display 15:55 or 3:55.

When you are abroadsome phones offer to display the two clocks on the unlock screen: that of the country in which you are and that of your country of origin, useful for knowing if your friends are sleeping or if you can send them messages.

For example, on a Samsung with One UI, you can go to the application Clock and there, a tab at the bottom, titled world clockallows you to enter several time zones and thus compare them at a glance.

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