how to take advantage of a free bonus card?

Sorare is a very popular game that is based on the principle of NFT, it combines management of football players’ cards and cryptocurrency (ETH). The best way to start is to take advantage of a Sorare referral link.

Sorare has continued to gain in popularity since the NFTs started to be talked about. The principle of this game is quite simple, it is a question of selling, buying or even exchanging cards of players whose rarity can vary. There are levels to define these famous cards (Limited = 1000, Rare = 100, Super Rare = 10 and Unique = 1). In total, more than two hundred clubs are already present on the platform – including PSG and Barça, for example. The whole point of the game is based on the use of the Ethereum-based blockchain. Sorare sponsorship is a must to start playing.

Take advantage of Sorare sponsorship

On Sorare, the players’ cards can be sold or bought, but their primary function is to be used for the days of the championship. It is by participating in these that you can earn ETH as well as other cards. To play, your team must have at least 5 cards. Beginners can play with the free cards, but at least 4 rare cards or 5 limited cards are required to access the real championships.

The first step is to register for the game using a Sorare referral link. Thanks to the latter, you have the possibility of winning a first limited card for free after having bought 5 cards (limited or rare) at auction. In this case, you and the sponsor both win a limited card. To understand the differences between market and auction, you can check out our full Sorare review.

The advantages of Sorare sponsorship

If you want to benefit from Sorare sponsorship, just go through this link. You must validate your registration for this game then buy 5 players at auction, the principle is explained in more detail in our test or on the official website. Once this step has been validated, you receive your first limited card – the same goes for your sponsor. Then you can also choose to refer other people to earn even more limited cards. Before the arrival of limited cards, it was rare cards that were offered to sponsors and godchildren:

There are only 1000 limited cards per player per season, which enhances your chances of getting a high value limited card when using Sorare sponsorship. The value of the players is displayed directly on the cards in ETH with the mention in euros.

How to share your Sorare referral link?

Once you have signed up for the game and taken advantage of a Sorare referral link, it is worth creating your own link so that you can share it with other people. To do this, go to the “invite your friends” category, it appears directly in the game menu. You can send the link by email or directly via social networks.

Once your friend receives the link, you will be able to view their auction tally. As soon as it has won the auctions 5 times, you will both receive another link to discover your respective new rare card and its value. Like the other cards, you can use it for championships or even resell it.

It is possible to find 5 inexpensive cards in the auction, this is the best option to start. Sorare sponsorship is the best way to start playing with rare cards, it will allow you to earn ETH and other cards faster.

Take advantage of Sorare sponsorship

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