how to take advantage of the music streaming service at a discount?

how to take advantage of the music streaming service at a discount?

Since Monday night and the rollout of iOS 15.2, macOS 12.1, iPadOS 15.2 and watchOS 8.3 updates, Apple has rolled out its Apple Music Voice service which relies on Siri to control and stream your music. We explain how to take advantage of the low-cost music streaming offer.

Apple Music Voice is now available

Apple Music Voice is now available // Source: Apple

Presented at the last fall Keynote, the Apple Music Voice service is now available with its desire to offer access to the very large catalog of more than 90 million titles at a discounted price.

What is Apple Music Voice?

This is the brand new Apple Music subscription that necessarily goes through Siri. And this, whatever Apple device you use (iPhone, iPad, HomePod, AirPods, Apple Watch), and even CarPlay in your vehicle. This new subscription only works with the help of the in-house voice assistant who takes control and plays your music.

This has an advantage: you can manage everything from the voice, your subscription like the choice of the title or the playlist. On the flip side, you can’t create your own playlist right now, choose the playing order and launch it if you’re happy with the basic package.

Apple Music Voice is a minimalist subscription. You won’t be able to enjoy Spatial Audio, lossless quality of songs, or features like Lyrics and Music Videos, unless you upgrade to a higher subscription (which will also include voice control with Siri).

What are we going to find there?

With Apple Music Voice, you have access to the same catalog as with any Apple Music subscription, including more than 90 million tracks, playlists, stations by musical genre, personalized mixes as well as Apple Music Radio.

Apple Music is now controlled by voice

Apple Music is now piloting the voice // Source: Daniel Cañibano – Unsplash

The company explains that hundreds of mood and activity playlists have been created by Apple’s music curation experts and are optimized for voice control. If you were already using Apple Music on the HomePod and HomePod mini speakers, the operation is the same: you ask Siri to play you a specific playlist, depending on the time of day (for morning coffee, for the end of the day, for a dinner, to rest …), according to your mood (melancholy, dreamy, humorous, loneliness, relaxing …) or your desires (Christmas music, to work, to relax, the hits of the moment, to dance, to sing while driving, to play sports…).

How to use Apple Music Voice?

In order to access Apple Music Voice, you must have updated your Apple device to the latest update (iOS 15.2 / iPadOS 15.2, tvOS 15.2, watchOS 8.3 and macOS 12.1).

You can ask Siri to launch a song, a singer’s songs, an album, a musical genre, a radio or, most importantly, playlists. Suffice it to say ” Hey Siri, play the playlist (XXX) » Where“Hey Siri, play (such song or artist)” from your iPhone, your iPad, your Apple TV remote control, your HomePod and stream to these products or to any compatible device (AirPlay speaker, headphones, CarPlay, etc.). This will be particularly useful if you are driving, cooking or doing any other activity, or even if your computer or smartphone is locked.

You can ask Siri to give you the name of a song or album that is playing, pause the music or go forward / backward to the next / previous song, turn up the volume, etc. You can also personalize your playlists and recommendations by saying “Hey Siri, I don’t like this song“.

How do I subscribe to Apple Music Voice?

Obviously, to subscribe, you can ask Siri. By pronouncing the phrase “Hey Siri, start my Apple Music Voice trial period ”, you can start a trial. Otherwise, you can go through the Apple Music app to subscribe.

If you are already an Apple Music subscriber, you can change your subscription from your account or by voice.

How much does it cost ?

The subscription to Apple Music Voice is announced at 4.99 euros per month for a user account. Apple offers a 7-day trial to test the service. This can go up to three months free if you’ve purchased an Apple product recently.

The different Apple Music offers

The different Apple Music offers

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