how to transfer screenshots to your PC/smartphone?

Have you just redecorated your island on Animal Crossing and want to share it with your friends? You are shown how to transfer your screenshots from your Nintendo Switch to your smartphone or PC.

For 5 years that the Nintendo Switch has been around, you must have accumulated screenshots of it, which you have never used. And for good reason, they are very easily accessible from the home page of your console, but when it comes to having them on other media, the method is a little less obvious.

We show you here how to access your screenshots, and how to transfer them from your Nintendo Switch to your smartphone or PC so that you can share your best shots at your leisure. Follow these steps in order and you should be fine! Note that these manipulations are valid for all Switch models, namely the classic, the Lite and the OLED.

Transfer screenshots from Nintendo Switch to smartphone

The first step for you is to make sure your Nintendo Switch is connected to the internet. Once done, go to the application “album” which lists all your photos taken during your gaming sessions.

Then click the A button on the one you want to share, then click “send to smartphone”. from here you can choose to export one or more photos, so take your pick. Note that you can only send a maximum of 10 captures each time.

At the end of your selection, select “send”. This is when your phone will come in handy. On the screen of your Switch will appear a first QR code, which you will need to flash to link the smartphone to the console. The second QR code, which appears just after, allows you to retrieve the photos you have selected for transfer.

They should therefore appear via a web page on your mobile device. from there you can save them at your leisure. Unfortunately, it is not possible to save everything at once, you will have to save photo by photo.

Transfer screenshots from Nintendo Switch to PC

To send your captures to your PC, you can use the method seen above, then transfer the images from your smartphone to your computer via a USB cable. If this is too tedious, we have an even simpler method for you.

To do this, go to your console settings via the home page. In the settings, go to the tab “Data managment”. Scroll down to the mention “managing screenshots and videos”then press “copy to computer via USB connection”.

You will then need to connect your Nintendo Switch to your PC with a USB-C cable. From then on, you can find the Nintendo Switch internal storage via File Explorer and use the screenshots as you see fit.

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