how to turn off google location history?

We explain how to deactivate your Google location history to protect your privacy.

With the repeal of Executive Order Roe v. Wade, Google and several web giants have already chosen their side. The web giant had notably indicated that it would automatically delete browsing and geolocation histories involving abortion clinics. An unexpected decision, taken with a view to protecting Americans from “inappropriate government requests for data, and we will continue to oppose overly broad or otherwise legally objectionable requests“.

How to deactivate your Google location history?

If Google takes concrete actions to protect the privacy of its users, the deletion of geolocation data is already possible manually. From the “Activity Commands“, it is thus possible to deactivate the history of positions. If the feature is not present by default, it is usually very practical for recording the places visited and offering a personalized experience.

Since “Location History“, then just make sure that the option is disabled. For those who would like to delete data already recorded, it is also possible to select “Automatic deletion” after a certain number of days previously defined.

Why is it better to turn off location history?

In France, access to abortion is not yet threatened. Following recent decisions by the Supreme Court, there is even talk of enshrining the law in the Constitution. However, the issue of personal data is increasingly present in French political and social discourse. To avoid unpleasant surprises, we still advise you to take some preventive measures, avoiding entrusting all of your data to GAFAM, or at least, by activating the options for strengthening data protection.

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