How to uninstall software or an application on your PC

Whether on Windows or macOS, installing software is one of the basics of using your computer. But sometimes, we also want to delete some for various reasons. To help you uninstall software on your Windows or Mac PC, follow the guide!

Uninstall covered software

Software and other applications are a central part of any operating system. Whether it is a web browser, an audio or video file player or word processing software, there are millions of them and you will have to install dozens, even hundreds, on your computer.

However, at some point, you may also have to delete certain software, either because you no longer use them or because they take up space on your computer. Here’s how to completely uninstall software on Windows 10 and macOS.

Uninstall software or application on Windows 10

Depending on what you want to delete on Windows 10, the method is not the same for classic software or an application.

Remove software on Windows 10

With the Microsoft system, you can install two types of software: software available in .exe on the internet for example or applications from the Microsoft Store. For the former, there are two techniques for deleting a program, one goes through the Windows Settingsthe other by the Control Panel. We will favor the second technique which groups more software to uninstall than the first.

In the search bar, type Control Panel to get there. Then open the submenu Uninstall a program.

Arrived there, you face all the software installed on your computer, select the program to be removed, click on Uninstall then follow the software instructions.

uninstall software 3

If you wish to uninstall an application, you will have to go through another means.

Delete an app on Windows 10

Applications have appeared alongside traditional software. They install through the Microsoft Store, but do not uninstall in the Control Panel. To delete them, go through the Windows Settings and the menu Apps.

Uninstall software 4The menu opens directly with the desired tab: Apps and features. We then face a list of applications and some software installed on the system. Select the app to remove and click Uninstall. If it is an application, the system will erase it automatically, unlike conventional software.

Uninstall software 5

Uninstall software or application on macOS

On Apple computers, the method for deleting classic software or an application from the App Store is similar, so this time we won’t have to divide the tutorial into two parts.

To remove software in the classic way on macOS, go to the folder Apps on the Finder. Choose the app to remove and swipe there to the VStrash can or do Right click and Move to Trash. Identify yourself with your password or Touch ID and you’re done.

However, some software still leaves traces on your hard drive. If you want to completely remove it, use a third-party tool like AppCleaner, which is particularly easy to use.

Install the software and open it. From there, you just have to drag a program to delete on it and it will take care of finding and deleting all the files and folders it has created, thus completely cleaning your Mac of all traces of this program. . When it has grouped all these residues, you just have to click on To delete to complete the job.

AppCleaner is very practical, because it allows you not to have to search yourself for this kind of files which can be found in hidden folders and it therefore saves you precious minutes!

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