How to watch or listen to your YouTube videos in the background on your smartphone (Android and iOS)

The trouble with YouTube is that you can’t listen to a video while using other apps unless you have Youtube Premium. On the Internet, however, there are many tips to get around this inconvenience. These are the solutions that we have tested in the editorial staff.

With an Android smartphone:

On some models, just use the “desktop version” feature of Chrome:

  • Open YouTube and find your video
  • Go to Chrome settings, select the “desktop version” box and relaunch your video

  • If you receive a message that YouTube wants to send you notifications, accept
  • Quit Chromium
  • Swipe your screen from top to bottom to bring up the notifications menu
  • If in this menu, you see your video displayed with control functions, bingo, you can restart it by pressing Play

Unfortunately, this does not work with all smartphones. But there are of course applications that work around this problem. This is for example the case of Awesome Pop-Up Video which displays a clip in a floating pop-up window.

With an iPhone:

  • Download Dolphin Browser
  • Open it and go to the YouTube site
  • Start your video
  • Exit browser
  • Go to the control center and start the video by pressing play

It is also possible to do it with Safari but only to listen to a video.

  • Go to Youtube in your browser, then switch the site to “desktop” mode.
  • Launch the video you want to listen to and turn off your screen.
  • Now, from the lock screen, you can press play and listen to your video.

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