how to watch the 1st episode for free?

Do you want to discover the new House of the Dragon series for free and legally? There is a simple solution for that!

It’s the big day for Game of Thrones fans. More than three years after the adventures of Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister concluded, the universe returns in the form of a first spin-off named House of the Dragon.

Broadcast tonight in the US, the first episode of this new series will be available in France in VOST this evening (August 22) on OCS. If you are still hesitant to follow this 10-episode series, there is a way to discover it for free via Amazon Prime Video.

Indeed, you just need to register for Prime Video first, you have 30 days to discover the service for free. After 30 days, the Amazon Prime subscription is automatically renewed for €69.90/year, so remember to cancel it if you don’t need it. If you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber, it’s even easier.

Subscribe to Prime Video (30 day trial)

Then just subscribe to the OCS channel in the Prime Video interface. You can then benefit from a free 7-day trial and then €11.99/month after the trial. Remember to cancel if you do not want to continue the subscription. 7 days is more than enough to discover the series from tonight, or if you subscribe during the week, you can even discover the first two episodes for free!

Subscribe to OCS via Prime Video (7-day trial)

House of the Dragon :dwhat is it talking about?

200 years before the death of Robert Baratheon, the Seven Kingdoms live in a time of relative peace. But as King Viserys I dies, the heirs are engaged in a merciless battle to take his place on the throne. Within the Targaryen clan, a civil war is brewing, and the dance of the dragons is about to begin. The series will explore the beginning of the downfall of the once superpowered House.

Watch our video which includes 5 things to know about House of the Dragon.

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