Hubble may have discovered the most distant star in the universe

Astronomers have already spotted most of the most distant galaxies in the universe. It may be that, thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope, they have also discovered the most remote star in the entire galaxy. Earendel or the Morning Star is 12.9 billion light years away. If confirmed, it will succeed the star MACS J1149+ 2223 Lensed star 1 discovered in 2018. In the case of Earendel, only star clusters were observable until its discovery.

The Hubble telescope was used to find the two stars. Earendel could break a new record. It will take time for astronomers to find another star that can compete with it. The researchers spent a good part of the day staring at the same spot in the sky before discovering it.

How did astronomers locate this new star?

The star was found following a series of observations made on a cluster of galaxies called WHL 0137-08. The galaxy cluster lies 5.5 billion light-years from Earth. It is a real chance to be able to observe a star at this distance. This was achieved through the use of gravitational lensing. Gravity distorts light and makes objects larger. Earendel’s brightness was magnified a thousand fold, so she could be located.

The new star could have 50 times the mass of the Sun and be a hundred thousand times brighter. Scientists expect that the star does not have a lot of metals. Earendel would only be composed of hydrogen and helium. But all of this has yet to be confirmed.

Researchers are working on a way to prove the existence of the star

Earendel is not yet considered a star in its own right. Scientists are working on a way to prove it, however. Using the James Webb Space Telescope, observers will be able to verify whether Earendel is really a star and study it in more detail. The telescope will also find out if there are other, even more distant stars in the universe.

Many stars have been seen through the use of gravitational lenses. Earendel could become one of them. You should know that observing a star that is millions of light-years away is not easy. Patience is therefore essential. But what is certain is that as soon as it is confirmed, this star will break all records.


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