huge leak reveals upcoming DLC ​​tracks

The second wave of the additional pass has just arrived on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and forgotten files reveal the content to come.

The Additional Circuits Pass is quietly continuing its journey to enrich the aging Mario Kart 8 Deluxe of 48 new circuits. Although we would like to discover a Mario Kart 9 filled with new circuits, this DLC pack with revisited nostalgic content is sure to please. While wave 2 of the pass spoils us with iconic circuits such as the Pinball Waluigi or the Gorge Mushroom, the rest of the program promises to be just as qualitative!

As soon as it was released, it didn’t take long for the dataminers to search the files of the second wave of circuits to dig up some crisp information… A previous leak revealed the original platforms of the future circuits and this time, they are extracts of music that Nintendo slipped into the game files. These extracts of a few seconds would aim to shorten loading times by being preloaded at all times. Except that some pieces are those of certain circuits still kept secret.

headband spoilers

The great classics are back

A YouTube video includes the 15 extracts that were discovered by the recordreader user. We can then hear the first notes of certain iconic races such as Stade Waluigi or Le Bois Vermeil. Some circuits of the mobile game Mario Kart Tour were also revealed, narrowing down the list of possibilities for future waves.

All these discoveries have also allowed other users to establish a rather precise program of the content to come. It remains to be seen if it turns out to be real, but given the number of leaks, there is very little doubt. While waiting to unlock these new circuits, the first two waves are already available by purchasing the Additional Circuits Pass for €24.99 or by subscribing to the Nintendo Online + Additional Pack. The release of wave 2 also came with a fix for the Coco Supermarket circuit of the first wave which had largely disappointed the community when it came out.

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