hundreds of new video game cartridges

An Ali Baba’s cave: this is what video game merchant Gameroom stumbled upon, who recovered the treasure from a Nebraska store closed in the 90s. Hundreds of new cartridges in blister packs for consoles of the time !

The hunt for old video games knows no pause. And for good reason: if the recovered games are in good condition, they can be worth a real fortune. That’s what Gameroom, which operates three physical stores in Nebraska, as well as an online store, hopes. The sleuths gained access to the inventory of another video game store that closed in the 90s.

A treasure that could pay off

The result is miraculous: hundreds of Super NES, Megadrive, Saturn, 3DO, and even Sega CD cartridges! And the games are in immaculate condition, with many of them even in blister packs. Of course, the cartridges were never used. There are quite a few hits of the time, including Final Fantasy III, Aladdin and Chrono Trigger. And also rarities like coolworld, Turtles in Time or Qbert 3 !

At the moment, Gameroom is still making the list of games, and it is not impossible that there are some very rare titles and therefore very popular with collectors. When we know that a new cartridge for Super Mario Bros sold for 2 million dollars at auction last summer, good surprises cannot be ruled out. Gameroom only helps the owner of the stash here to estimate the treasure amount.

This story recalls that of September 2021, when two youtubers had made a miraculous discovery: thousands of packaged video games also dating back to the mid-90s. Cartridges with an estimated value of more than $100,000.

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