Hyper Scape

Hyper Scape: Ubisoft is already ending its Battle Royale

Ubisoft has decided to end Hyperscape, his Battle Royale style game, which did not meet with success. The game debuted just over 18 months ago and will shut down on April 28, 2022.


It’s the end for Hyperscape

On its website, Ubisoft states:

We have made the difficult decision to halt development of Hyper Scape and shut down the game’s servers on April 28th. We wanted to create a shooter experience that offered intense and fast-paced close combat with verticality, and we thank the community for following us in this adventure. We will use everything we learned about this game in our future projects.

To the entire Hyper Scape community, thank you for the passion and dedication you have shown to the world of Neo Arcadia, in-game and beyond. Your dedication to the game we’ve created will forever be in our hearts.

The futuristic battle royale shooter marked Ubisoft’s attempt to break into the genre made popular by titles such as PUBG: Battlegrounds, Fortnite and Apex Legends. Hyperscape supported up to 99 consecutive players and was designed with a focus on loot collection and character customization, as well as shooting. But it didn’t take, hence the shutdown on April 28.

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