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Racing simulation equipment has evolved a lot in recent years and Next Level Racing is, of course, at the forefront of these huge advances. Mainly known for their extensive range of racing cockpits, they also offer flight simulators, more modest racing stands but also a very large quantity of accessories for their products. I was able to get my hands on their F-GT Lite model for which I was very curious.

At a time when cockpits are increasingly heavy and fixed, the F-GT takes the opposite view by offering a modular, light and transportable alternative. Affordable mid-range, the F-GT Lite seems to be the perfect accessory for players looking for more advanced sensations and who want to go beyond their classic racing stand or their controller. But also that of those who seek this level of immersion without having to invest in equipment that is too expensive or too imposing.

So what about this cockpit?

Unpacking and assembly

My living room is clear and the imposing box sits in the middle of the various elements it contained. Assembly is relatively simple but ideally two people are needed, the parts are heavy, everything is loose and a little help is needed for the first assembly. Rest assured, we will see later that this only concerns the first assembly.

Fifteen minutes will have sufficed for two to assemble the machine, an additional fifteen minutes to find the right settings. The set is solid and of good quality, the fabric chair is comfortable even after prolonged sitting and has two integrated cushions for prolonged use. The device is entirely articulated by very flexible adjustable joints.

Next Level Racing’s F-GT Lite also includes support for the pedals, gear levers and steering wheel, all three are pre-drilled and will allow you to attach your favorite elements. Modularity was undoubtedly the key word in the design of this cockpit, left-handed or right-handed, large or small, F1 or Gran Turismo, all gamers should find their account.

This modularity and the “Lite” label had, at first glance, made me think of a cockpit that was too light for my use (and my size), but the whole thing is very rigid and, once installed and adjusted, does not move. not a hair, nor does it show any signs of fragility. The different parts of the F-GT Lite are articulated by the adjustable joints that I have already mentioned, these allow great precision in the configuration and customization of the device.

The angle of the headrest, back or seat can thus be positioned as desired. These adjustments and this customization also find their interest in the two modes offered by the cockpit. Thus the connoisseur will be able to find the perfect settings for the simulation of the vehicle model he prefers, in Formula 1 or GT mode.

On the track: Use and comfort

First of all, the seat is very comfortable and that weighs heavily in my review of this product. Accustomed to chairs more or less suitable for racing but having used a full cockpit only a little (for lack of space), I rediscover the pleasure of simulation. I was able to drive for several hours without worry and didn’t experience the usual numbness or back pain.

The fabric is pleasant and does not irritate the skin, even after a few hours of play. Well fixed, the gear lever, steering wheel and pedals have not moved. Once you have found the setting that suits you, you are in an armchair. I have already spoken about the junctions (more precisely and according to the Next Level Racing site, they are hubs, which I did not know), these announce that they can support 150kg of force, I did not actually feel any tremor their side and, in spite of the light aspect of the device, the apprehensions of the beginning disappear very quickly.

Blows from angry steering wheels or dynamic braking, no worries for the F-GT Lite which takes all the bad treatment without flinching. In the name F-GT, of this cockpit, we must of course understand Formula 1 and Grand Touring and this is one of the major assets of this device. I tried both modes and, no complaints, the sensations are there. The settings are quick and you can go from one to the other in a few minutes, more of course if you are such a fan that you have accessories for both configurations.

In both modes, the F-GT Lite is solid and very pleasant to use.

Transport and storage are very easy

Let’s be sincere, the main handicap (or at least it’s mine) to buy a racing seat like the F-GT Lite is space. I can install it on my computer and no longer be able to work (or work in a racing seat, idea to dig!), or I install it in front of my PS5, and I can no longer go into my living room. Living in a small house of normal size, such an installation requires inevitable sacrifices in the daily life in place.

But this handicap disappears very quickly here, installed for a session, the storage of the F-GT Lite is done in two minutes thanks to the joints that can be released in one movement. Once loosened, all you have to do is fold up the headrest, the backrest, the seat and uncouple the leg extension and strap everything down. The cockpit can then be transported without worries and be stored in the garage or against an office wall, however I do not recommend planning to store it on another floor, the device is a bit heavy to be transported alone up the stairs.

I just have to roll up my floor protection and the living room is clear. For installation, it’s the same process but in the other direction. Folded up and strapped down, space is no longer a problem. The other advantage is its ability to be transported. It can be transported on the back seat of a car without too much trouble and unless you drive a Twingo you can take it to your friends without problem to have racing sessions and show the extent of your racing skills. pilot.

To go further: The advantages of an ultra-modular system

The big advantage of this modular system is that Next Level Racing has spared no detail to allow you to use the F-GT Lite with the accessories of your choice, the comfort that suits you and maximum immersion. All brackets are pre-drilled and are compatible with most systems from other brands such as Logitech, Fanatech or Thrustmaster. They are also compatible with all sizes and, of course, can be adjusted left or right.

Finally, you can find on the Next Level Racing website, many additional accessories such as a monitor support for an even more absolute immersion. I can’t see what audience could be disappointed with the F-GT Lite, it is perfectly adaptable to all player profiles and the settings are extremely advanced to allow maximum customization.

The quality of the materials and finishes will not repel addicts who want to chain hours of racing in the greatest comfort. Nor will it exclude patients from the more-than-real simulation. Finally, its price should not repel many people either since it is one of the most affordable racing cockpits on the market.

Note however, the cockpit is delivered without steering wheel, pedals or gear levers, if you are looking for an all in one this is not the right choice. If you can’t find your happiness with this F-GT Lite, Next Level Racing offers a very wide range of cockpits or racing stands. You want heavy and fixed? The F-GT is for you. Not interested in Formula 1? The GTTRACK seems appropriate. Still too expensive for your debut? Opt for the simple GT-Lite which has, no doubt, the same advantages.

This was my first long run at a Next Level Racing cockpit, but if all of their products are on the same level I would be very interested in the rest of their line. While waiting for a special room to drive, the F-GT Lite will do the job perfectly!

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