[email protected]: Xbox donated $2.5 billion to indie developers

Number of indie games that appear on the Xbox Store or on the Game Pass are accompanied by the small logo ID@Xbox, which is none other than the name of Xbox’s financial and logistical support program for indie developers. In addition to financial assistance, devs now benefit from Microsoft’s cloud platform (ID@Azure), a new service announced at GDC 2022. Of course, there is a counterpart to this support, and the vast majority of “ID@Xbox » are total or temporary exclusives on Xbox or PC.

Tunic 1024x548

Tunic, which benefited from the ID program@Xboxsaves the honor of the Xbox Series in this first quarter of 2022. This Xbox Series / PC exclusive displays a Metascore of 85/100 on Metacritic

After 9 years of existence of the program, it is time for a first assessment. Chris Charla, general manager of Content and Programs Curation at Xbox, said that $2.5 billion in royalties had been returned to developers over the past 9 years. In addition, the program’s partner studios or developers have seen their revenues double over the last three years, a considerable growth in turnover which proves the traction effect of the formula. Faced with this success, Chris Charla announces, without surprise, the renewal of the ID program@Xbox.

Nearly 1,000 developers benefit from the ID program@Xbox (out of 4600 indie devs on the platform).

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