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If you have a Mac, here is the best antivirus around (60% off)

As with Windows PCs, you have to protect your Mac. The most effective software is an antivirus. But be careful, you also have to find the best cybersecurity editor. Right now, Intego has an unbeatable offer.

During its lawsuit against Epic Games, Apple admitted that the operating system on its computers was very vulnerable to computer attacks. So you should not believe that because it is a Mac that there is no virus. As cyber attacks become more and more aggressive, we advise you to take an antivirus to secure your data.

Do not think that it will cost you dearly. By subscribing at the right time and the right software, it will cost you no more than a few dollars a year. The great benchmark of cybersecurity on Mac, Intego, displays its flagship antivirus at 19.99 euros instead of 49.99 euros. It’s new and it’s a special Christmas offer that ends tomorrow night at midnight.

I take advantage of the Intego antivirus

Not only is Intego known to have one of the best Mac antivirus out there, it’s also the cheapest with this deal. You will quickly understand that the value for money of the current offer is therefore unbeatable. As a specialist in cybersecurity exclusively on Macs, Intego offers a much better and more efficient service to protect a Mac.

Exceptional antivirus on Mac

In the beginning, there was no antivirus on Mac. All Windows PC users were licensed and were laughed at by Mac users. The reality is very different today: the two operating systems are equally at risk. The cybersecurity giants like Bitdefender or McAfee focus mainly on Windows and they have adapted a variation on macOS. If you’re not sure which antivirus to choose for your Mac, Intego has the solution.

The latter chose to do it differently: he imagined an antivirus natively on macOS. Its software is therefore perfectly suited to the architecture of the operating system. It can also be very reactive and the company’s researchers know how to respond to attacks as quickly as possible. Tens of millions of Macs have installed Intego. The latter is therefore able to identify malicious scripts which are propagated throughout the network. In the end, the more clients he has, the more efficient and responsive he will be.

Over time, he released other effective software – still Mac only. In addition to its antivirus, it also has an excellent tool for cleaning your Mac, a tool that does regular back-ups in the cloud or even an interface for parental control. To facilitate the purchase, it has packaged all these software in a single offer: the Mac Premium Bundle X9.

From a value for money point of view, this pack is even more interesting than the antivirus alone. it is 34.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros for a license. This therefore costs you 10 euros more per year than the antivirus, except that you have three more software. The tool to clean your Mac is ultra efficient and it is well worth those 10 euros per year more. We can only therefore advise you to take the full pack. In any case, you can cancel whenever you want if you are not convinced.

To discover the Mac Premium Bundle X9, it’s here:

I take advantage of the safety pack

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