If you have a Mac, this antivirus will (finally) give you peace of mind

Intego is dropping the price of its Mac antivirus this weekend. It’s time to protect your computer while saving money with this license at a reduced price.

Mac computers are also at risk from viruses and cyberattacks, contrary to what many people might think. To limit the threats, several good practices are recommended, for example the installation of an antivirus for Mac which makes it possible to avoid the external risks which could impact your personal data and your private life.

Several software exist to protect a computer, for example this antivirus for Mac signed Intego. A specialist in the macOS operating system, he offers his tool at 19.99 euros per year instead of 49.99 euros this weekend. You save -60% on the latter while ensuring the security of your device over time. It’s simple, the solution costs just 2 euros per month, you won’t find better elsewhere.

To discover the offer on Intego’s official website, it’s here:

I use Intego antivirus

If the offer on this Intego antivirus is exceptional, it is not intended to last very long. In short, we already know that it will disappear to return to its base price, which is why it is better to secure this minimum price immediately in addition to adopting good practices to drastically reduce the risk of external attacks.

Choosing This Mac Antivirus from Intego

Taking antivirus software for Mac from Intego is the assurance of avoiding 100% of the risks, indicates the expert on its official site. If this one largely deserves its specialist status, it is because it has chosen to focus on macOS only since 1997. In comparison, its competitors started with Windows then they quickly adapted their tool for Mac in order to to respond to the request.

Called Mac Internet Security X9, this antivirus for Mac is certainly the best antivirus of the moment. Moreover, its expertise has been recognized by several independent tests — including AV-Test. It provides general and comprehensive protection for your computer so that you can continue browsing the web with peace of mind.

The other advantage of this Mac antivirus is that it works in the background without disturbing you. Installation is simple, as is everyday use. It spins without disturbing you with tons of notifications, so you can continue working or watching videos rather than being continuously distracted.

I use Intego antivirus

Intego also offers a complete security solution that includes its antivirus. Called Mac Premium Bundle X9, this service also comes with a strong discount: its price drops to 29.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros. If you want to benefit from a pack with antivirus, firewall, data backup management, parental control and Mac cleaner, it is perfect for a complete protection of your device.

Whether you take the famous antivirus for Mac or the complete package from Intego, you get a trial period that lets you know if the software is right for you. Note that the two tools are without commitment of duration, you are free to leave at the end of the first year if you wish. In any case, you are certain to benefit from a powerful and easy-to-use tool for less than 30 euros per month.

To discover the complete Mac Premium Bundle X9 solution at Intego, it’s here:

I take advantage of the Intego solution

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