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If you haven’t reserved your Steam Deck yet, you’ll have to wait

Future customers who have not yet reserved their Steam Deck will have to be patient at least until next October.

If you’re one of those gamers who are already salivating at the thought of getting a Steam Deck but haven’t yet taken the plunge, Valve has a bad one for you. The demand is apparently considerable, and those who order their console today are likely to wait longer than expected.

Indeed, The Verge has spotted an update to the product page in question on the firm’s website. While the announced availability date had already been pushed back to Q2, it was again postponed, this time until Q3 2022. You will therefore have to wait at least until next october. But we must also remain aware that no one is immune to a further extension. Those who absolutely wish to seize it as quickly as possible therefore have every interest in reserving their machine now.

But this delay could also cause some users to postpone their purchase for a few more months. After all, even if it means waiting several months, we imagine that some people will prefer wait for the first feedback on the final version to ensure the quality of the machine. And there is reason to take precautions.

Book or wait, that is the question

Indeed, the first users who have already received their Steam Deck almost all share the same analysis; as it stands, the preliminary version of the console that is currently circulating still seems to be subject to a few crippling flaws.

Overall, they agree that the software overlay is not yet ready. The battery overall also falls short of expectations; at the end of last week, Sean Hollister of The Verge explained for example that with the best graphic quality, the average autonomy of the machine painfully reached the… two o’clock. A figure far from flattering knowing that we are talking about a portable device.

Additionally, some testers have also identified a drift issue on the joysticks. Something to think about when investing several hundred euros; after all, this concern has continued to plague the lives of Switch gamers for many years. It is therefore also a parameter that must be taken into account. There is also the question of compatibility with certain titles which still worries some potential buyers.

Either way, if you’re considering buying the craft, it might be worth booking it now; the initial reservation costs only €4 and is non-binding; this modest price does not constitute a promise to purchase. Indeed, Valve gives users the option of finalizing the order or canceling it as the deadline approaches. This system is valid for all models, from the most basic at €419 to the most expensive displayed at €679.

This little machine has indisputable potential, but Valve will have to succeed in keeping all its promises. It will therefore be very interesting to observe the evolution of the Steam Deck over the coming months; depending on its evolution, we could be dealing with THE portable console of tomorrow… or a relative failure which would be very disappointing after all these great promises. Case to follow!

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