if you were still hoping to benefit from the old rate, it’s already too late

If you were hoping to take advantage of the old Amazon Prime Video prices a little longer, it’s already too late.

A few weeks ago, Amazon announced the surprise increase of its Prime subscription. To take advantage of free delivery, the services offered by the brand and the Prime Video catalog (which now includes the original series The Rings of Power), you will now have to pay €69.90, instead of the €49 previously requested. A situation that has logically prompted some Internet users to opt for an annual subscription, and thus benefit from the advantageous rates for a little longer.

An increase on September 15, but not quite

Officially, the Amazon Prime increase will be effective from September 15. Logic would therefore have dictated that an annual subscription before September 14 gives the right to a reprieve on the new tariff applied by the e-commerce giant. It was without counting on the logic of Amazon. Without really communicating on this point, the American company has indeed chosen not to take into account the free trial month in its calculation.

Concretely, for an annual subscription taken out on September 1, Amazon will only start charging on October 1, when the trial period expires. It is therefore this date – and the price that applies to it – that will be taken into account in the price of the annual subscription. To benefit from a subscription at the old rate, it would therefore have been necessary subscribe to the service before August 15.

For students, the finding is even more absurd: with a 90-day trial period, it was impossible at the time of the announcement to take advantage of the old rates a little longer. Remember that if the subscription was until now €24 per year (subject to providing the necessary certificates), the price of the student offer has also increased, rising to €34.95 per year. To take advantage of an additional year at a low price, it would have been necessary subscribe from June 14, 2022nearly a month before the company’s official announcement.

Internet users are annoyed

This “detail” on which Amazon was careful not to communicate was obviously not to everyone’s taste. On social networks, many Internet users feel cheated by the situation. Either way, it’s already too late to turn back.

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