If you’re using the eggplant emoji, you’re probably a sucker 🍆

If you’re hoping to flirt using an eggplant emoji, stop right now.

Emojis have been in common parlance for several years now. In writing, they make it possible to signify irony, to insist on a feeling, or to convey a message in image. Obviously, their primary meaning sometimes differs from their actual use. This is particularly the case with eggplant. With the peach, the vegetable of the Solanaceae family has quickly established itself as a thinly veiled metaphor for the penis, which is generally used to express one’s desire. If you have got into the habit of using it regularly, you will have to stop quickly.

Stop using a 🍆

According to a recent Adobe study dedicated to the place of emoji in social interactions, the most appreciated emoji during a romantic exchange would be faces accompanied by a heart, such as 😘, 🥰 and 😍. If we are to believe the trend given by the answers of the approximately 5,000 adult respondents questioned this year, the latter would be perceived as the most sympathetic and attractive. An emoji, on the other hand, would only pass very little in a context of seduction: the famous eggplant 🍆.

According to Adobe data, using a 🍆 to flirt with a partner would be about as counterproductive as attempting an approach with a 💩 or a 😠. When we know that 72% of people questioned tend to favor emoji to express their attraction by message, we only have one piece of advice to give you: stop with the 🍆, please. Or make sure that the person in front is not only receptive, but also enthusiastic about the idea of ​​receiving a phallic vegetable as a sexual invitation.

Beware of misunderstanding

Another interesting characteristic identified by the Adobe study, the misunderstanding of certain emoji. While these are primarily intended to add meaning to our messages, most respondents struggled to determine the meaning of 🙃, 🍒 and 🤠. In general, be careful not to create misunderstandings when you use an emoji. Recall that according to The worlduse also differs by gender.

Finally, emojis with political overtones should also be avoided. Like the eggplant, some have been diverted from their original meaning to signify belonging to certain political movements, in particular to the far right with the fleur-de-lys for the royalists⚜️ or the frog 🐸, a tribute to the Pepe the frog meme in rallying sign of certain far-right parties. For some years now, our colleagues from 20 minutes, the glass of milk 🥛 and the slice of bacon 🥓 also offer hints of white supremacy and Islamophobia. Of course, it’s all a matter of context.

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