IKEA launches new home automation app and Matter-enabled bridge

IKEA launches new home automation app and Matter-enabled bridge

IKEA, which already weighs heavily on the home automation market, wants to make life easier for its customers with a new, simpler and more efficient Home application for configuring and managing connected products.

The connected home is still a dream for many home automation users. There are still many obstacles standing in the way of this vision which unfortunately remains too far in the future! IKEA is part of the problem… and part of the solution.

Make life easier for users

The Swedish furniture giant this week unveiled a new Home application which aims to improve the process of setting up home automation devices in the TRADFRI range. Launched in 2014, this app hasn’t changed much since and if IKEA’s connected products have the advantage of being inexpensive, managing them in the dedicated app is often considered a headache.

The company promises that this new version, available in October, will be practical, with easy navigation and suitable for all users especially those new to home automation. It will be a welcome change for anyone who has been pulling their hair out configuring light bulbs, blinds, motion sensors and all other TRADFRI connected products.

IKEA is working hard to strengthen its positions in the market. In addition to the application revision, the group also unveiled a new connection bridge called DIRIGERA. It will facilitate communication between the brand’s home automation range and the competition’s connected products, in particular thanks to its integration with Matter.

Matter is the new home automation protocol supported by almost the entire industry, from Apple to Google to Amazon and many manufacturers. The first Matter-enabled devices are expected to be unveiled by the end of the year. The particularity of this protocol is to allow the integration of all home automation products and to control them simply, without having to choose a specific platform.

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