Immediately remove those Android apps infected with Joker malware!

It is the return of a regular who infects from time to time the catalog of the Play Store. The Joker malware, which siphons the bank accounts of its victims, is talking about it again.

The Joker malware is back on Android, and it infects a dozen popular apps distributed on the Play Store. In view of the danger of this malicious software, it is better to get rid of the affected apps.

Return of the Joker

Google has been hunting Joker since 2017, but in this cat and mouse game the search engine is always the loser. The malware has indeed reappeared in very popular apps from the Play Store, alert Tatyana Shishkova, security researcher at Kaspersky. She lists the infected apps on her Twitter account.

The applications are as follows (non-exhaustive list):

– Dedicated SMS
– Volume Booster Hearing Aid
– Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer
– Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects
– Battery Charging Animations Battery Wallpaper
– Flashlight Flash Alert on Call
– Easy PDF Scanner
– Smat TV Remote
– Halloween Coloring
– Classic Emoji Keyboard
– Super Hero-Effect
– Dazzling Keyboard
– EmojiOne Keyboard
– New QRcode Scan

Joker regularly comes back to haunt the apps on the Play Store, the last time in fact dates back to this summer with several infected applications there too. Google has removed them from its store, but they remain on the home screen of many smartphones.

This malware is particularly dangerous: it subscribes the user to paid services without their consent, it also intercepts confirmation SMS sent by these same services. The victim then only realizes the scam when he consults his bank account. This leaves time for Joker to do a lot of harm …

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