In 2021, Microsoft “broke the game” on Metacritic

Despite a (very) long ignition delay in 2021, the Microsoft Studios achieved a dazzling second half of the year in terms of new products, as the ratings aggregator attests Metacritic. 89/100 for Psychonauts 287 for Halo Infinite92/100 for Forza Horizon 591/100 for Microsoft Flight Simulator81/100 for Age of empire IV88/100 for death loopnot a title of Microsoft Studios did not fall below the 80/100 average.

Metacritic has also just delivered its list of the best game publishers over the past year, taking several parameters into account – the average Metascore for all games released in 2021, percentage of games with good reviews (Metascore at least 75) , percentage of games rated with bad reviews (Metascore at 49 or less, number of “excellent” titles (Metascore of 90 or more) – and without too much surprise (well, yes, a little all the same), Microsoft ranks in head, in front of its eternal competitor Sony:

1. Microsoft / Xbox Games Studios: 87.4 points
2. Sony: 81.3 points
3. Humble Games: 80.9 points
4. Activision Blizzard: 80.6 points
5. Bethesda Software: 80.2 points
6. Capcom: 80.6 points
7. Bandai Namco: 78.5 points
8. SEGA: 77.6 points
9. Electronic Arts: 78.3 points
10. 505 Games: 75.7 points

Even better for Microsoft, this average score of 87.4/100 over one year is an absolute record. Never has a publisher obtained such an average score over the year. This ranking also proves the inanity of certain criticisms of the Game Pass, critics who argue that this type of subscription service necessarily leads to a drop in the quality of the editorial offer in terms of gaming.

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