In a few days, AliExpress will kick off its famous 11.11 festival (and you’re not ready at all) 😱

AliExpress is preparing to officially kick off the 2022 edition of its famous 11.11 shopping festival on November 1st. A now global phenomenon, which achieves record results every year. And for an even smoother shopping experience, the platform is announcing new logistics advances and themed product selections.

Single Day or 11.11, what is it? When does it take place?

The Single Day or Double 11 is coming! If you don’t know this day, know that the Double 11 is the Singles’ Day ceremony in China, which takes place on November 11 (a public holiday with us). On this very special day, young people have fun organizing bachelor parties, and many decide to declare their love or propose young women in marriage.

On the other hand, Single Day is also known to be the largest online promotional event held in the world, with sales figures exceeding those of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday combined!

Whether you are single or married, rich or poor, living in China or not, Single Day is for everyone, anywhere, since everything happens online! While waiting for our selection of the crazy offers of this next event, here is already the first info, expect great reductions on a very large number of products!

Exceptional discounts

From November 1 to 12, AliExpress will be offering thousands of discounts across its top categories. More impressive than Black Friday, these promotions will reach an average discount rate of 20%, with reductions of up to 50%!

And for the first time as part of this festival, the French will be able to benefit from the brand new AliExpress cashback program up to 10% and up to €10. Rebate will be automatically credited to your account after your order has been shipped, and will be valid for 30 days, subject to program terms.

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A smoother shopping experience

AliExpress has placed its logistics system at the heart of its priorities for several years, to offer an ever more pleasant shopping experience to its customers. This year again, the platform is implementing new measures on the occasion of the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival:

  • Free delivery: For any order of products affected by the festival promotions, AliExpress offers free delivery to its consumers.
  • Free Returns: AliExpress is also implementing a unique free returns policy for all unused products labeled “Free Returns” within 15 days of purchase.

And of course, the platform continues to improve its already existing logistics network:

  • Two-day delivery: AliExpress offers local two-day delivery in France, thanks to local warehouses, and for certain cross-border orders, delivery in 10 working days.
  • A last mile self-collection network: AliExpress continues to expand its “last mile” delivery capacity in Europe, with a total of more than 36,000 AliExpress-branded collection points currently available in Europe. This network combines collection points run by local partners as well as the recently inaugurated AliExpress lockers, which greatly facilitate the shopping experience by offering consumers the possibility of freely and quickly picking up their orders.
  • A punctuality guarantee system: AliExpress undertakes to reimburse any order with coupons worth $1 in the event of late delivery

The star products of the festival that should not be missed

As winter approaches and with the current energy crisis, AliExpress will be offering a selection of energy-efficient products: heaters, electric blankets, heat lamps, electric hot water bottles… the French will be able to take advantage of the platform’s bestsellers to stay warm all season long. A product category that has also clearly gained in popularity in Europe: sales of electrical appliances have increased by 130% in the last week year-on-year, while thermal underwear has recorded a record increase of more than 300% in recent months year-on-year. Special discounts and dedicated flash sales will be offered on this selection during the festival, and an exclusive logistics line will be set up to ensure a delivery time of 3 to 7 days maximum on all heating products, must-haves of the winter.

Beyond these products, the best brands will also unveil unbeatable offers, including Roborock, OnePlus, EcoFlow, Xiaomi, Tineco, Zeuslap, Ecovacs, Dreame, ChiQ, Lenovo, Dreame and many others! Get ready.

Check out the Aliexpress 11.11 deals

Don’t wait until the last moment, now add the items that interest you to your basket and validate it from November 1st with the reductions and coupons that will be available. You will have at your disposal until 11.11 many discount coupons that will allow you to lower the price of your items.

Coupons valid for all customers on the whole AliExpress site from November 1st 8:00 am (Paris)

  • FR10 10€ reduction for 100€ of purchase
  • FR20 20€ reduction for 200€ of purchase
  • FR30 30€ reduction for 300€ of purchase
  • + 10% cashback in voucher (up to 10€)

Check out the Aliexpress 11.11 deals

Discounts valid on certain items

  • -3€ every 25€ spent
  • -6€ every 50€ spent
  • -9€ every 75€ spent

5 tips for a successful first Double 11

  • Tip #1: Before taking advantage of the promotions, warm up by visiting the sites or downloading their application and above all don’t forget to create your profile.
  • Tip #2: Take advantage of great deals today by collecting coupons from many of the sites listed above.
  • Tip #3: Score points by adding your items to the cart to redeem for coupons and checkout first.
  • Tip #4: Anticipate the aftermath of Double 11 and get ready for the Flash Deals available from November 1 at 8 a.m. (Paris time) until November 12 at 9 a.m.
  • Tip #5: Stay in the race for bargains by connecting at strategic times.

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