in China, the number of cases doubles in one day and reaches a record

The number of Covid-19 cases has doubled and reached a new official record on Chinese territory, where millions of people are currently confined.

On Tuesday March 15, the National Health Commission of China recorded 5,154 additional cases of Covid-19, according to the Hong Kong media South China Morning Post. Officially, this is the largest increase recorded in space. of a day on Chinese territory since the very beginning of the pandemic, more than two years ago.

This “record” could be linked to a change in the national management of the disease. Indeed, until now, Xi Jinping’s country did not register asymptomatic people in these statistics; administratively speaking, these were therefore not “real” cases of Covid-19.

Be that as it may, this figure testifies to a context of worrying progression of the virus, so much so that the authorities have resolved to lock down several major metropolises. This concerns in particular the immense Dongguan and Shenzhen, the nerve center of Chinese tech. Both cities are in full quarantine with very strict restrictions. Other megalopolises like Shanghai are also subject to somewhat less draconian restrictions.

Chinese protocol clashes with Omicron variant

So far, China has done relatively well in handling big surges. She developed a shock protocol dubbed “zero covid” made of draconian containment protocols and of massive and immediate test campaigns. Persons under house arrest are also subject to extremely strict controls. Unlike other governments that have left the choice up to individuals, Chinese health authorities have also mandated local tracing applications.

But everything changed with the arrival of the famous Omicron variant. Several studies claim that this strain is less dangerous than the previous ones; but these same sources also determined that he was much more contagious than the Delta variant that preceded it. It therefore travels faster through the population, and is necessarily more difficult to contain.

At present, these official figures remain relatively low in absolute terms. Yet the Chinese government still chose to tighten the screw, because the stakes are high. As everyone knows, the Chinese population is massive and far exceeds one billion people. Its territory also includes several gigantic megalopolises. The number of infections could therefore soar at lightning speed if the situation degenerated in one of the centers of the epidemic.

A trend to follow

Some observers continue toraise doubts about the accuracy of this data. The figure of 120,000 contaminations in two years, in particular, has some epidemiologists cringing. It seems indeed exceptionally low in a country whose population easily exceeds one billion people. By way of comparison, this is less than the number of cases recorded in France… on Tuesday March 15 alone, or 116,000 new cases, while the population of France is almost 20x lower.

But overall, it is undeniable that the combination of all these directives, sometimes extreme to the point of being unthinkable in Europe, has had an impact on the spread of the virus. More than the precise numbers, it will therefore be interesting to follow the trend, since the number of infections has doubled in one day. Because given the immense reservoir of population that is China, a serious outbreak of the virus on the scale of the entire country could have considerable consequences for the whole planet.

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